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Athletic Leadership Program

Launched in 2010, Cushing’s Athletic Leadership Program further challenges those student-athletes who wish to take their drive beyond the playing fields, through workshops, guest speakers, and off-campus opportunities. Recent events have included an NCAA Clearinghouse discussion, a college athletics panel discussion with recent Cushing graduates, and a leadership panel discussion for student-athletes on experiences and expectations.

Upcoming Events:

Athletic Leadership News

Cushing: A Life-Changing Experience
For alumnus Peter Reppas '86, work ethic is everything... and it all stems from his Cushing experience.
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Youth Sports Day Event
Members of Cushing’s Athletic Leadership Program recently welcomed 4th and 5th grade students from Gardner, Westminster, and Ashburnham to campus for a Youth Sports Day event. In an effort to promote leadership to the future athletes of the area, the Cushing students and faculty ran workshops that focused on the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and communication.
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Ray Bourque Receives Academy's Hero Award
On Monday, October 31, Cushing Academy welcomed Ray Bourque, parent of two Cushing alumni and a member of the NHL Hall of Fame, to an all-school assembly Leadership Discussion. During this event, Mr. Bourque was presented with the Academy's 2011 Hero Award, highlighting his extensive charitable work and his service to Cushing Academy.
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Webinar Addresses Recruiting, Leadership, Collegiate Play
On Thursday February 3rd, students in the Athletic Leadership Program dialed in for an engaging webinar with Indiana University’s assistant field hockey coach Kelly Doton, and her team captain, Katie Griswold. Doton is also a member of the USA Field Hockey Team. The two women spoke about a variety of topics ranging from recruitment (from the perspectives of both players and coaches), to leadership differences between males and females, to what to expect being a college student-athlete, and the importance of time management.
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Discussing the Role and Spontaneity of Leaders
The Athletic Leadership Program welcomed Steve Kasper as the first speaker of 2011. Mr. Kasper, a professional scout for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and former player and coach for the Boston Bruins, spent the afternoon discussing the role of leaders with a group of student-athletes and faculty.
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Athletic Leadership Program Welcomes Gold Medalist
Cushing welcomed 1984 Olympic gymnastics gold medalist Tim Daggett on December 6 as part of the Academy’s Athletic Leadership Program. Daggett spoke to students about his rise to success, hardships due to injury, and the importance of a support system. Daggett is currently the primary commentator for NBC gymnastics and operates a gymnastics facility in western Massachusetts. His visit was a great motivator to start off the week!
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Developing Your Winner's Brain
What makes people succeed? How can we train our brain to perform at a higher level? As part of Cushing’s Athletic Leadership Program, the author of The Winner’s Brain, Dr. Jeff Brown, spoke during an all-school assembly about brain function and strategies unlocking potential. From focusing on one’s “opportunity radar” to honing the “talent meter,” Brown provided students with examples of celebrities and athletes and engaged students in role-playing exercises. In addition to focusing on the goal to win, Brown also encouraged students to accept failure and learn from it. “Our society has such a fear of failure, but it’s really not a big deal. We have to get rid of those fears and circumvent it. Failure is only temporary. If you don’t fail you can’t progress." Dr. Brown is an instructor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Click here for more information about The Winner’s Brain.
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Live Webinar with Jim Fannin
On Thursday, October 14th the Cushing Athletic Leadership Program hosted a live webinar with America’s ZoneCoach® Jim Fannin. Fannin is the author of S.C.O.R.E.® for Life: The Five Keys to Optimum Achievement. S. C. O. R. E. ® represents Self-Discipline, Concentration, Optimism, Relaxation, and Enjoyment. In attendance during the evening were student-athletes from Cushing’s Athletic Leadership Program, faculty members, and guests, which included team members from The Program.
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What's Your "One More?"

What makes a good leader? How can you best support your teammates? And how can you commit to getting “that much better?”


Kicking off the Athletic Leadership Program, Cushing welcomed guest speaker Eric Kapitulik, a former athlete with the U.S. Naval Academy, a former Force Reconnaissance Marine, and CEO of “The Program,” a company which provides leadership development for athletic, educational, and corporate organizations.

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Announcing Athletic Leadership Program
This spring, Cushing welcomed U.S.A. Olympic hockey players, Meghan Duggan ’06 and Erika Lawler ’05 during a special assembly in which they received Cushing Leadership Awards and spoke to the Cushing community about their 2010 Olympic experience. Their appearance also launched Cushing’s new Athletic Leadership Program, which further challenges those student-athletes who wish to take their drive beyond the playing fields, through workshops, guest speakers, and off-campus opportunities. This program will commence this fall with the first group of selected members.
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