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Finding Your Own Way

Each fall, Cushing Academy opens its doors to an incredible variety of incoming students, from all over the country and all over the world, most of whom arrive wondering how they’ll survive so far from home. We understand the pressures our students are up against. This is why we have created and cultivated a remarkable support system—an inviting community that fosters acceptance and feels like home.

You will find friends and mentors in your own class, in the classes above you, and among the faculty members and coaches who share your life on campus. You’ll know people by name, everywhere you go. On good days, you’ll have someone who understands your joy. On tough ones, we’ll always be willing to listen or help.

How will you meet these people? Some of us will live in your residence hall, and others will find you in class. You’ll bump up against us in your afternoon activities, whether you’re practicing with your team, rehearsing on stage, or just joining a pick-up soccer game. Wherever you go, the pervasive spirit of collaboration will astonish you—and the support you receive will empower you to seek new experiences, assume new responsibilities, and stretch your skills to the utmost.
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