Cushing Academy recognizes the importance of technology as a teaching and learning tool and the opportunities it presents our students and faculty. To facilitate the use of technology in our students' education, we have chosen to require a device of all students but to leave the selection of the device to our families. Every new Cushing student is required to bring a networked computer or other compatible device to campus. We recommend Apple 13" Macbook Pro laptops which are supported through the Technology office if configured with Apple Care warranty. Students may choose to bring another laptop or device as long as it meets the minimum requirements. These laptops will be essential tools in students' academic life at school.

The laptop or other networked device will provide students with access to all of the academic tools we have developed to ensure their success at Cushing and beyond. These tools include:
  • My Cushing, the Academy’s intranet where all teachers have class pages with daily assignments posted. Students and parents can view their daily schedule, assignments, important school announcements and review their performance in class.
  • The Fisher-Watkins Library web site, which hosts selected research tools, online databases for student research and tools for using the Internet to the best of their academic advantage.
  • GMail and Google Apps for Education, all students are provided with Gmail and GAFE accounts for communication and producivity.
  •  Google Drive via there Cushing GAFE account for online storage and backup.
  • Other course specific software
Students will also enhance their personal growth by developing their communication skills, organizational skills, research skills and writing skills.

The Cushing reccomended laptop will place students on common ground with the entire faculty, which is committed to each student’s academic and personal growth. Cushing faculty has been using laptops as teaching tools in the classrooms for over ten years. While technology is not required in each class every day, it has become an essential teaching component across the curriculum. Our wireless campus provides access and resources for learning, anytime and anywhere.

As a result of the Cushing one to one program, graduates of Cushing Academy will possess extensive practical experience using the 21st Century skills required in today’s information-rich colleges, universities and workplaces.

Technology Minimum Requirements

Web Browser: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Wifi Connectivity: 802.11 A, B,G or N wireless card.

Good Working battery with ability to last through the academic day.

Your machine must be running a current active virus protection application.

VGA dongle/adapter:
You must be able to connect to the audio visual systems in the classrooms for presentations. These systems use a VGA connector, be sure to bring the proper dongle/adapter to connect your machine or device. If using an Apple laptop with El Capitan or above you will not need an adapter of this type as you can connect via the Apple TV's utilizing Airplay.

Productivity software: Faculty at Cushing use Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as the iWork suite of applications on MacBook Pro laptops. We also use the Google apps suite and GDrive for online user storage and backup. You should be able to format your papers, spreadsheets and presentations so teachers are able to receive them in the format they desire when submitted. Cushing provides access to Google Apps via a single sign-on from the portal pages as well as free access to the Office 360 apps for students on MyCushing. Please see the Technology Department for help with this software. Students who pursue portfolio art, digital photography or digital video can see the Technology Department regarding use of Adobe creative suite products which we provide for students participating in these creative endeavors.

English Language Support: for assistance with network issues and software your machine or device must be in English.

Windows 10 or Mac OS X.x
- for assistance with network issues and software support you must be using one of these operating systems. We highly recommend for Mac OS X machines have the operating system El Capitan or above to take advantage of the features of Airplay in our classrooms.

Highly Recommended:

Support Package: If you decide to bring your own machine or device and not participate in the support program be prepared to support your machine or device. Bring your CDs, receipt from purchase, serial number and literature from your machine so you can contact the manufacturer in case of issue. This will be the responsibility of the student if you don't bring a machine purchased through the Cushing Laptop Program.

8GB USB Flash Drive:
Drive to be used for collaborative projects in class and backup storage of homework files. Additionally, the school provides storage space for all users on a Google Drive for backup of school related work.

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