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Summer Classes & Activities Updates

It's hard to believe we're wrapping up the second week of Summer Session, and by this time next week we'll have surpassed the halfway mark of our 2017 program! 
"It's wonderful to see our students fully engaged in all aspects of the Summer Session experience," said Bob Macioci, Summer Session Director. "They are focused on their academics, committed to their afternoon classes, and have taken full advantage of the exciting weekend opportunities for fun and enrichment. It's been terrific to see our students build such a positive and supportive campus environment over the past two weeks---a great start to an unforgettable summer experience!"

Here’s a look at what some of our programs/activities have accomplished thus far:
* So far this summer, our Studio Art students have created a still life drawing, an acrylic painting, watercolors, fused-glass plates, sawing shapes out of copper to create charm necklaces, hand-building clay sculptures, ceramic plates, and designed this year’s logos to be screen printed on the shirts that the students tie-dyed this week.  
* ESL Reading & Writing Levels 1 & 2 have been working on writing well-developed paragraphs. Along the way, they have spent a lot of time learning about the different parts of speech, the basic rules of capitalization and punctuation, how to use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to join sentences, and how to support their main ideas through the use of details and examples. Class activities have involved several partner interviews, multiple in-class writing exercises, and a lot of editing and revising of paragraph drafts. Currently, the students are writing a detailed paragraph about Wednesday's class trip to the John F. Kennedy Museum and Quincy Market.
* The Prep for Success ESL class has come together wonderfully this summer as a community to enjoy class activities and support each other in practicing their emerging English language skills. They are building vocabulary as they practice listening, speaking, reading and writing with the challenge of using English in complete sentences to convey their thoughts and ideas.  
* In yoga, the students are learning meditation and relaxation techniques.  Each day the students are learning how to correctly perform each pose and use their breath as a tool into easing into each pose.  In addition, once the students learn the poses, they will be practicing different yoga flows designed specifically to different areas of the body! Every Friday, the students will be practicing Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation to start their weekend on a positive note. Yoga Nidra is a special relaxation technique, which has a deep effect on the body, the energies, and the mind. 
* Students in ESL 5 & 6 have been reading The Great Gatsby (in the reading and writing course). We have been discussing the definition of culture and how culture is reflected in the book.
* In College Prep Physics, we have studied kinematics, Newton's Laws, projectile and circular motion. Fun lab activities include Match-it graphs using a motion sensor (they have to move towards and away from a motion sensor to match a graph on the board), marshmallow catapults, coefficient of friction of a hockey puck traveling on the floor, centripetal force of a stopper swung overhead. We also watched a few Mythbuster episodes (such as pennies dropped from the Empire State Building, and cars crashing at 50 mph).
* The objective of the basketball elective course is that every student, no matter what skill level and experience they arrived with, learns the skills and rules required to play the sport. The methods used to teach basketball in this course consist of different drills, games, scrimmages, demonstrations, and one-on-one discussions with the students. 

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