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Ashburnham Set to Open the Eisenlohr Time Capsule in June

On June 6, 2015, at 10 am on the steps of the town hall, the town of Ashburnham will open a time capsule that has been sitting in its vault since 1915.

The time capsule was the brainchild of Ashburnham native George Hoffman and his friend, Philadelphia businessman Louis Eisenlohr, who, in 1915, sent a number of invitations to business contacts from Massachusetts and Philadelphia. There were two “sister” time capsules—one in the town vault and one buried on the campus of Cushing Academy—but the capsule on Cushing’s campus was found to be destroyed when the Academy constructed its library in 1984.

The 1915 invitations indicate that the invitee or their “oldest living nearest of kin” is invited to the opening of the capsules. Also on the guest list: the President of the United States, the Governor, his staff, and the Executive Committee of Massachusetts. Although the invitations indicate the opening of the capsules will take place on the second Saturday in September 2015, the June 6 event will be held in lieu of the September date. 

According to records, the lost capsule contained letters from a number of state governors, one from the John Wanamaker, one from Judge James T. Malone of the Court of General Sessions, one from Judge Norris Barratt of Philadelphia, as well as many from university and college presidents, and other people important to Mr. Eisenlohr. In addition, it held a collection of “engraved discs” made from pieces of the sunken battleship U.S. S. Maine.

The capsule left in the custody of the Town of Ashburnham is hale and hearty and it will be opened at a ceremony on June 6, 2015, on the steps of Ashburnham’s town hall at 10 am. It seems unlikely that the President or Governor will be present. However, if you have an invitation to the festivities that has been passed down through your family—or even if you’re just curious about its contents—you’re welcome to attend the opening. Contact 978-827-7400 or email alumniprograms@cushing.org to let us know you’ll be attending. To learn more about George Hoffman and Louis Eisenlohr, visit www.cushing.org/150

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