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Board of Trustees

Cushing's Board of Trustees

Chair: Colette de Labry (West Palm Beach, FL)
Treasurer: Joseph Marzilli (West Palm Beach, FL)


M. Elizabeth Akers P '10, '13, and '17 (Bolton, MA)
Hiroyuki Arita P '19 (Tokyo, Japan)
Dana E. Barnes '83 (South Glastonbury, CT)
Stanley L. Clark (West Palm Beach, FL)
Melissa Irving Christensen '00 (Bow, NH)
Kristen Kelly Fisher F '11, '13, '14, and '17
Richard S. Lapidus (Fitchburg, MA)
Carol D. Schaefer GP '17 (Franklin Lakes, NJ)
Charles V. Schaefer GP '17 (Franklin Lakes, NJ)
Stacy Silverman '04 (New York, NY)
Hendrick Sin '92 (Hong Kong)
Peter A. Snyder '90 (Alexandria, VA)
Sue Hawkes Wight P '06 (Carlisle, MA)

Contact information: To reach the Board or an individual Trustee, please write to boardoftrustees@cushing.org.

Trustees Emeriti

Yoshihiro Azuma P '86, '91 and '92
Jane C. Barber P '94 and '96
Franklin W. Baumgartner '45; P '75 and '77
Marc A. Bingham P '07 and '10
Andre A. Gelinas P '82, '93 and '97
Joseph C. Hill P '81 and '90
James R. Hollowood P '01
Theodore L. Iorio P '95
Donald Irving P '00
Richard Kleefield P '83
M. Kerby Saunders '67; P '04 and '05
Ronald M. Stuart '65
Vernon R. Tate '57
Mark E. Tuller P '02
Thamnoon Wanglee P '85, '87 and '88
Edward G. Watkins '56; P '88

Cushing Academy

39 School Street
Ashburnham, Massachusetts 01430

Cushing Academy

Cushing Academy is a coed, college preparatory day and boarding school for grades 9-12 and PG. Our students, who come from over 30 states and 30 countries, excel in and out of the classroom through outstanding academic, art and athletic offerings. Visit our welcoming community and beautiful 162-acre campus in Ashburnham, Mass., one hour from Boston, to experience all that Cushing has to offer.