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Annual Report: 2015-2016

We’d like to thank all of the donors who made contributions to the Academy during the 2015–2016 fiscal year. We do our best to ensure this listing is correct. However, should you find an error, please contact us at 978-827-7400 or alumniprograms@cushing.org so we can correct it.

We plan to print this donor listing in the next issue of the Cushing Today magazine. 

Lifetime Giving Societies

1865 Society

Honoring those donors who have remembered Cushing in their estate plans.

Anonymous (13)
Robert H. Alexander ’82
Susan Mason Balsley ’56
Sarah Krug Barbee ’64
Bob and Jane Barber
Natalie Bauble
William T. Beazley ’25 (d) and Florilla Beazley
Marion C. Beckwith ’31 (d)
Elizabeth Palmer Bedell ’27 (d)
Clifford Beebe (d) and Mildred Dunn Beebe ’36 (d)
Nancy Shook Bender ’54
Margaret D. Benton (d)
Leo and Eileen Bonetti
James S. Boynton (d)
John R. Briggs, Jr. ’39 (d)
Jane Wilbur Brown ’58
Knowlton Brown ’37 (d)
Alastair S. Browne ’75
Elizabeth Bruning Caplan ’52
Louise C. Carpenter (d)
John F. Carr ’38
Thomas L. Carter (d)
Mark and Julia Casady
John A. Clary 1910 (d)
George H. Cook, Jr. ’31 (d)
Madeline Cook
Erma Clyde Cooke ’90 (HON) (d)
Mark R. Corbishley ’82
Carolyn A. Crowell ’66
Lewis A. Crowell ’44 (d)
Dr. John A. Curtis ’41 (d)
Joseph W. Davis, Jr. ’31 (d)
Dorothy S. Day (d)
Eugene J. Dean III ’94 and Norma Silsby Dean ’94
Samuel S. Dennis III (d)
Beulah Zwicker DiPoli ’23 (d)
Lillian Peirce Doe ’23 (d)
Gladys V. Draper 1919 (d)
Alfred G. Drew ’27 (d)
Alice Kenyon Duncan (d)
Richard B. Dunn ’31 (d)
Elizabeth M. Edmands ’30 (d)
Dr. Ruth Clifford Engs ’57
Mary G. Fern ’92 (HON) (d)
M. Anthony Fisher ’69 (d)
Michael W. Frangos ’48 (d)
Nicholas J. Fratello ’96
Diana Wilson Frazier ’58
Raymond C. Freeman, Jr. ’51
Madeleine Gaylor ’91 (HON) (d)
Atim E. George ’74
William L. Gilman, Jr. ’31 (d)
Shirley Kenyon Glenney ’46
Kenneth M. Goldberg ’61
John B. Gorton ’34 (d)
Lillian Prakelt Goss ’51
Jonathan B. Gottlieb ’82 (d)
Peggy Shaw Grant ’51 (d)
David A. Grimm ’60
Robert W. Hendrick ’27 (d)
Karen G. Hess ’78
Elizabeth Hartz Hewitt ’53
Dr. Joseph C. Hill
Steven C. Hill ’81
Mary Putnam Hopkins ’25 (d)
Robert W. Horton 1919 (d)
Rhonda Y. Houston
Estelle P. Hunt ’91 (HON) (d)
Thomas E. Jaffa ’70
Sally Ann McGill Jessie ’53
Mary S. C. Johnston (d)
Chandler T. Jones 1913 (d)
George C. Jordan III ’59
Elizabeth Ferguson Jump ’54
Jane M. Keough (d)
Dr. Richard Kleefield and Mary Kleefield
Marguerite B. Knight ’35 (d)
Richard A. Knight ’27 (d)
Dr. Edna M. Kovacs ’71
Chester S. Kurzet ’43 (d)
Merton B. Lane 1913 (d)
Helena Chen Law ’59
Dr. Mark L. Lemmon and Barbara Lemmon
Mari-Carol Lenihan ’73
Eino O. Leppanen ’27 (d)
Jeffrey P. Lindtner ’66
Dr. Rodney M. Liversage ’48 (d)
Ann M. Logan ’85
Edna Pinney Longbottom 1919 (d)
Russell D. Loring ’29 (d)
Ruth Lovell ’34 (d)
Richard H. Mansfield ’43
Russell A. Marcotte ’51
Virginia Wilkinson Marcotte ’61
Donald W. McNeish ’40 (d)
Janet B. Merrill ’23 (d)
Catherine Ross Merwin ’35 (d)
Barbara Hertwig Meschter ’32 (d)
Joseph W. Meyer, Jr. (d)
Marilyn J. Meyer ’49 (d)
Ethel Opdycke Meyerhans 1907 (d)
Janet Appleton Michelini ’30 (d)
Caryl Burton Wright Minor ’58
Elizabeth Colburn Montgomery ’25 (d)
Roger E. Morency ’55
Roger G. Needham ’28 (d)
Gertrude B. Noble 1917 (d)
Dr. Robert J. Norton ’33 (d)
Martha Patari ’39 (d)
Heather Sommers Perry ’71
Virginia Reimers Perry ’48
Mildred Merriam Pethybridge 1915 (d)
Katherine Phelps 1908 (d)
Ed and Rhonda Pierce
Norman O. Pollet ’28 (d)
Lilla M. Pond ’36 (d)
George H. L. Porter, Sr. ’65
Walter G. Prince 1916 (d)
Frank P. Rand 1908 (d)
Philip S. Raskin ’76
Ruth Catlin Reardon ’25 (d)
Ruby Ryland Reed ’41 (d)
Bruce L. Roberts ’44 (d)
Elizabeth Sylvester Robinson ’35 (d)
Helen Fraser Robinson ’35 (d)
Dorothy E. Rogers ’39 (d)
Carrie Dickerman Romaine ’62
Alan M. Rosanes ’60 (d)
Alison R. Rowe ’74
Nancy Baybutt Ruder ’41
Sally Staples Rulifson ’56 (d)
Virginia Lewis Sawyer ’28 (d)
Joan Waterman Senty ’46 (d)
Jeanne Perrault Sharpe ’31 (d)
Mildred Nash Sherwood ’22 (d)
Harry A. Shindler ’22 (d)
Douglas A. Smalis ’71
Amparito Smith (d)
Goodrich T. Smith (d)
Gerald F. Sommers ’75 (d)
John G. Sommers, Sr. ’74 (d)
Eliot T. Spalding, Jr. ’71 (d)
Harold P. Splain 1918 (d)
David L. Stiller ’64
Joseph W. Sullivan (d)
Lawrence J. Sullivan ’48 (d)
Vernon R. Tate ’57
Evelyn Lawrence Thomas ’30 (d)
Paul A. Tierney ’64
Vivian Collins Walker 1917 (d)
Dr. Deborah Warner ’70
Frederick D. Watts ’47
Anderson B. White ’79
Elizabeth Foord White ’26 (d)
Wilda White ’75
Arnett Williams (d)
Beatrice Beckwith Williams ’28 (d)
Carol Carson Williston ’24 (d)
Patrice H. Worcester ’79
Mary Elizabeth Perrins Wright ’36 (d)
Dorothy S. Zug ’48 

Thomas Parkman Cushing Society

Honoring the most generous of Cushing's donors.

Founders ($100,000 or More)
Nizam Abdul Razak and Kat Abdul Rahman
Young Il Ahn and Young Ran Song
Steve and Liz Akers
Bob Barton
William T. Beazley ’25 (d)
David and Nancy Berkowitz
John H. Biggs ’33 (d)
Marc and Cheryl Bingham
Dr. Donald F. Booth ’54
Richard H. Booth ’53 and Ann Cherry Booth ’53
Vincent V. R. Booth ’23 (d)
Tom and Jeanie Carter
Mark and Julia Casady
Fei Fu “Ken” Chang ’92
Kong Chu and Amy Yeung
Tin Hang “Tyler” Chu ’06
George H. Cook, Jr. ’31 (d)
Alfred G. Drew ’27 (d)
Sharon Ettinger-McLaughlin
Ali and Tracy Fayed
Gordon A. Feiner ’65 (d)
Kristen Kelly Fisher
M. Anthony Fisher ’69 (d)
Mark and MaryGrace Gudis
Dick and Jeanne Harrington
Robert W. Hendrick ’27 (d)
Tom and Jennifer Hillman
Ricky Ho and Lilian Ng
Brad and Kathy Hoffman
Henry Hui and Alice Wibisono
Estelle P. Hunt ’91 (HON) (d)
Ted and Dot Iorio
Don and Karen Irving
Dr. William R. Jordan (d) and Jeanne Jordan (d)
Charles Kim and Lisa Nam
Samuyeol Ko and Kyungha Lee
Sheldon Landau (d) and Emily Fisher Landau
Merton B. Lane 1913 (d)
Paul and Julie Leff
Ruey-Hsian Lin and Alice Chen
Russell D. Loring ’29 (d)
Jay H. Massirman ’76
Janet B. Merrill ’23 (d)
Joseph Meyer (d)
Elizabeth Colburn Montgomery ’25 (d)
Missy O’Neill
Tom O’Neill
Virginia Reimers Perry ’48
Lilla M. Pond ’36 (d)
Thomas E. Poti ’96
Joe and Celeste Rault
Ruby Ryland Reed ’41 (d)
Joel S. Reitman ’74
Jim and Joanne Richardson
Young Jay Ro and Sun Wook Paek
Rob and Mary Beth Rockwell
Dorothy E. Rogers ’39 (d)
Bill Rose and Merle Monsein
Bob (d) and Sharon Rust
Bobby and Mic Sandage
Kerby ’67 and Lisa Saunders
Chuck and Carol Schaefer
Peter and Susan Schottland
John P. Shevenell ’39 (d)
David and Mally Skok
Amparito Smith (d)
Peter A. Snyder ’90
John (d) and Betty Sommers
Gerald F. Sommers ’75 (d)
John ’74 (d) and Elizabeth Sommers
Harold P. Splain 1918 (d)
Stephanie Stone de Feoli ’82
Ronald M. Stuart ’65
George and Tammy Sullivan
John and Polly Timken
Harold (d) and Patricia Toppel
Joseph C. Treadwell (d)
Vivian Collins Walker 1917 (d)
George Wallace (d)
Chris ’56 and Karen Watkins
Carol Carson Williston ’24 (d)
Robert A. Young ’69
Andrew and Carlene Ziegler
Mercedes Zobel
Benefactors ($50,000 to $99,999)
William D. Adams ’50
Roger C. Altman
Yoshihiro and Akiyo Azuma
Bob and Jane Barber
Franklin W. Baumgartner, Sr. ’45
Clifford Beebe (d) and Mildred Dunn Beebe ’36 (d)
Ray (d) and Josephine (d) Bidwell
James and Julie Brown
Maude Carter
Maude Carter (d)
Lucy Cheever
Peter Cheever
Josephine Veinot Cook ’33 (d)
Joseph W. Davis, Jr. ’31 (d)
Bob and Carolyn Denham
Jeremy A. Duffy ’89
Richard and Betsy Ehrenberg
Matthew P. Ettinger ’91
Franklin S. Upham Trust
Masaru and Haruko Fujikawa
Helen Riccio Gallucci ’48
Martha Gonzalez y Karg
Patrick and Sally Griffin
Jim and Eileen Harrington
Susan B. Hart ’55
Marie Hebeler
John P. Hellstrom, Jr. ’60
Dr. Joseph C. Hill and Kathleen Hill
Chun Hei “Michael” Ho ’06
Chun Ming “Sam” Ho ’09
Francis Ho and Eppie Cheung
Herschel and Nancy Hobson
Ji-Ho Hyun ’90
Kevin J. Jacobs ’90
Jim and Sandy Karman
Allen (d) and Leontine Keyworth
Cheon Sik Kim and Bo Kyung Bae
Alex and Iris Law
Jae Woo and Yeon Sun Lee
Jin-Gyo Lee and Soon-Ae Choo
Seungho “Sean” Lee ’92
Mark and Barbara Lemmon
Bill Leong and Rachel Zou
Eino O. Leppanen ’27 (d)
Pete and Mary Ann Mattoon
Don ’04 (HON) and Barbara McLagan
Joong Soo Nam and Hye Lim Lee
Chuck and Karen Peters
Katherine Phelps 1908 (d)
Ed and Rhonda Pierce
Thomas and Florence Rosse
Gerry and Marcy Spector
John and Nancy Stamper
Donald B. Stimer
Mike and Donna Stockman
Vernon R. Tate ’57
Evelyn Lawrence Thomas ’30 (d)
Mark and Debbie Tuller
Robert Waltemeyer
Jonathan Weber ’72
Kathi Whitaker
Scott ’88 and Christyn Whitney
Harry and Sue Wight
Seang-Hee Yoo ’86
Irfan Zahiruddin and Nira Jahja

2015-2016 Royal Penguin Society Members

Honoring those donors who give to Cushing in three or more consecutive years.
20 or More Years
Verne A. Adams ’49
William D. Adams ’50
Marna Nielsen Blanchette ’61
Dr. Robert S. Bond ’47
Jane Wilbur Brown ’58
Alastair S. Browne ’75
Elizabeth Bruning Caplan ’52
Rick ’67 and Kelly Chase
Howard S. Cohen ’53
Allan O. Colby ’61
Stephen K. Critchfield ’62
Mark and Donna Exter
Katharine King Fite ’53
Betsy Ross Fleming ’55
Susan B. Hart ’55
Sara Herzog Hogan ’64
Jean Wilkinson Inglis ’55
Don and Karen Irving
Eloise Kenney ’48
Jim Kline and Lucille Duval Kline ’54
William P. Kotoski ’56
Fernando Lemus-Suarez ’47
Mari-Carol Lenihan ’73
Margaret Cook Liebig ’50
Amy T. Logan
Virginia Wilkinson Marcotte ’61
Duncan W. Munro ’44
Dr. William F. O’Neil ’56
Gary K. Prahm ’75
Gretchen Augat Reilly ’56
The Honorable David G. Sacks ’67
Kerby ’67 and Lisa Saunders
Dr. Michael C. Sheff ’56 and Barbara Sheff
Gail Henry Stewart ’59
Donna Merrill Stout ’64
Rebecca Bidwell Thompson ’59
Leslie Edwards Vincent ’71
Chris ’56 and Karen Watkins
Dr. Kenneth T. Wheeler, Jr. ’58
White Sylvania Charitable Trust
Margery Van Keuren Winter ’51
Susan Partridge Young ’55
10-19 Years
Larry Abbott
Steve and Liz Akers
Robert H. Alexander ’82
Eileen Gaudette Amburgey ’56
George D. Anderson ’56
Donald M. Aronoff ’66
Robert E. Barrat ’74
James E. Baskin ’59
Thatcher R. Beebe ’70
Jennifer Paxman Bernard ’90
Marc and Cheryl Bingham
Norman Bingham and Sylvia Roy Bingham ’53
Richard H. Booth ’53 and Ann Cherry Booth ’53
Jane Bourette
Chris and Jimmie-Gaye (d) Buono
Mark Burke and Dr. Jane L. Burke
Byham Charitable Foundation
Carter W. Byham ’89
Mark Carlisle and Dr. Susan K. Carlisle
Ken and Judi Cavicchi
James B. Cheever ’02
Peter Cheever
Melissa Irving Christensen ’00
Charles P. Clark ’54
Tryon D. Clark ’91
Peter and Nicki Clarke
Andrew L. Cohen ’69
Alan B. Crocker ’68
Alan B. Cutcliffe ’68
Dr. Stephen H. Cutcliffe ’64
Rich Devin and Jess MacKenzie Devin
Charlie and Susan Donahue
Joe and Angela Droogan
Jeremy A. Duffy ’89
Jessica L. Eisenhaure ’88
Valerie Wilcox England ’50
Raymond C. Freeman, Jr. ’51
Stephen A. Freudenheim ’62
Helen Riccio Gallucci ’48
Atim E. George ’74
John W. Gillis ’58
Robert L. Gorman ’58 and Carol Garland Gorman ’58
Lorraine Duval Gross ’54
Deborah A. Gustafson
Jordan A. Hall ’91
Donny Harmon and Deb Nyberg Harmon
Dick and Jeanne Harrington
Patricia K. Hecht ’04
Donald J. Hendler ’63
Elizabeth Hartz Hewitt ’53
Diane Cummings Hill ’53
Heather L. Hill ’90
Blair R. Hopps ’70
David L. Hunter ’63
Robert Johnston
Katherine E. Kaae ’81
Jim and Sandy Karman
Don and Jean Kunz
Dr. Bruce W. Lashley and Elaine Lashley
Margaret H. Lee
Bruce ’85 and Karen Lemieux
Anthony J. Mallozzi IV ’01
Kathleen Zimmerman Marlow ’99
Frank and Margaret Mazza
Harold V. McAuliffe ’57
Peter G. Melanson ’85
Norma Barclay Merolla ’48
Pete and Cindy Merrill
Henry Minor and Caryl Burton Wright Minor ’58
Mary Lou Dorrien Montuori ’50
Judith S. Myers ’70
Margit Bliss Orange ’53
John H. O’Reilly ’63
Carlos M. Ortiz, Jr. ’73
Robert and Marsha Page
Marcia Williams Perry ’56
Virginia Reimers Perry ’48
Harry and Missy Powers
Beverly Stevens Prakelt ’51
Philip S. Raskin ’76
Lawrence M. Reid ’75
Richard W. Ripley ’65
Emily C. Roller
Dr. James A. Rondeau ’65
Matthew D. Rousseau ’82
Michelle M. Salvucci
Nicholas E. Sanders ’05
Louise Stawniak Sayre ’58
Kenneth A. Shapiro ’88
M. N. Shroff
Jim and Claudia Smith
Mary Ann Hendrickson Smith ’52
Anthony A. Steere, Jr. ’61
Jane I. Steiger ’71
Dave and Beth Stone
John G. Sussek III ’75
A. Brooks Thoroughgood III ’86
David and Jean Tracy
Sally Nichols Tracy ’54
Frank M. Vana ’57
David Walton and Kristin Henry Walton ’87
James O. Watson ’59
Cornelia Edwards Wells ’52
Bill and Marcy Wenning
Joan Wilson White ’48
Ron and Rose White
Bob and Pat Whitmore
Dr. Douglas W. Wright ’64
Robert A. Young ’69
John J. Zawistoski ’61
Dorothy S. Zug ’48
3-9 Years
Gregory Abare
Jeremy Abbott
The Aetna Foundation
Cameron S. Akers ’13
Spencer C. Akers ’17
Allied Printing Services Charitable Foundation
William C. Allison IV ’47
Alicia K. Amerson ’85
Donna M. Audet
Gyu Tae Bae and Bok Hee Jung
Raja D. Bala
Tomas P. Balboa Livis ’17
Elizabeth Rogers Bald ’87
Linsheng Bao and Yongmei Li
Dr. Theodore Barton and Cindy Litzenberger
Victoria Wilson Bath ’56
Barbara A. Beebe
Nancy Shook Bender ’54
Dave and Lyn Bennett
John R. Bentley ’47
Dr. Fred W. Benton, Jr. ’66
David and Nancy Berkowitz
Phyllis Comber Biddle ’53
Allan and Loretta Blauner
Richard and Dolores Boettcher
Constance Maynard Bolzan ’60
Timothy R. Bouchard ’16
Chris and Nancy Boyle
Guy A. Bramble
David M. Branham
David and Lynn Breau
Marilyn Friese Brent ’58
Roger H. Brooks, Jr. ’69
Marion W. Brown ’69
Vi-Anne Brown
William H. Buell III ’70
Lucille Agard Bugel ’45
David and Gail Bumgardner
Gillian Brown Bunker ’69
Peter and Kristen Burke
Joseph and Molly Burns
Ashlee Pierce Cabeal ’02
Kelly J. Cacciolfi
Margaret O’Leary Cain ’64
Ronnie C. Callahan ’16
John F. Carr ’38
John A. Casady ’15
Mark and Julia Casady
Frederick B. Caswell
Grace S. Centauro ’12
S. Rebecca Chanin ’85
Stephen D. Chen ’87
Ed and Penny Chrusciel
Hiu Tik “Haidee” Chu ’15
Tin Hang “Tyler” Chu ’06
Robert G. Ciottone ’17
Vigen G. Ciottone ’16
Wayne and Cara Clarke
Nancy Stackpole Coffin ’44
Jared and Meredith Colicchie
Cullen Goodyear Concannon ’89
Matthew L. Cone ’81
Trevor B. Cone ’88
Donald T. Connors
Shane P. Connors
John G. Cooney ’60
E. Hunt Coracci ’63
Arthur J. Coulombe ’69
William F. Craig III ’62
Carolyn A. Crowell ’66
David and Lisa Cummings
Robert B. Curry ’58
Jean Curtis
Matthew M. Cushing ’58
John C. Custer
Catherine Brewer Daley ’87
Dr. Dwight F. Damon ’49
Dr. Ernest J. Dellheim and Jane Dellheim
Rachel L. Dellheim ’97
Francis S. Dembek
Barbara Zimmerman Dennis ’53
Thomas Desbois
Roberta DeWaters ’73
Eliza Wood Dietz ’85
Deborah Diver
Richard Diver
Lucas J. Donahue ’10
Liz Donnenfeld
Doug and Donna Dreyer
Ryan L. Duff ’06
Donna Dufresne
Michael Dumont
David Duston and Alice Carter Duston ’55
Charles and Sylvie Dutil
Nicolas Dutil ’16
Elsie R. Eastman ’12
E.G. Watkins Family Foundation
Charles Elliott
Dr. Fred T. Erskine III
The Ettinger Foundation, Inc.
Matthew P. Ettinger ’91
Tim and Gail Evjenth
David F. Farnham ’77
Jim and Colleen Fay
Carol Fazio
William J. Fenton ’68
Jack and Marilyn Fielder
Edith Hillbrook Fischer ’61
Kristen Kelly Fisher
Thomas and Lee Ann Fital
Michael ’80 and Jeanmarie Foisie
Robert Foote
Edward and Marjorie Foss
Brenda Foster
Diana Wilson Frazier ’58
Dr. Allan G. Freedman ’61
John R. Frey ’06
Adam T. Gadoury ’01
Robert Gagnon
Dino and Dianne Gallant
Priscilla Purdy Gallon ’49
Scott and Deb Gardner
Sally Taylor Gedney ’54
Terence Gibbons
Pete and Tira Gilchrest
Perry and Valerie Gillies
Yasuyuki Goto ’04
Brian P. Green ’83
Nat Green and Ann Scalaro-Green
Barbara Lloyd Greer ’49
Richard W. Griffith, Jr. ’46
David A. Grimm ’60
Richard and Maryellen Guerriero
Raymond and Maria Haarstick
Peter Haigis ’61
Emily M. Halpin ’10
John P. Hamel ’59
Kyu Sang Han ’14
Jaime G. Hancock ’02
Dr. Stuart A. Harlin and Jill Harlin
Ellen F. Harrington ’70
T. Keith Hart, Jr. ’91
Stanford and Susan Hartshorn
Joan S. Hathaway
Oscar H. Hawley ’50
The Hebeler Foundation
Marie Hebeler
Eric Hebert
Abigail Goen Helfat ’96
Charles W. Hemingway ’56
Paula Heslin Nelson ’53
Karen G. Hess ’78
Desh and Phuong Hindle
Francis Ho and Eppie Cheung
Brad and Kathy Hoffman
Barbara Willins Hotchkiss ’42
Ed Howard
Richard E. Hunter ’70
Greg and Tracey Inman
Stephen K. Inman ’12
Kevin J. Jacobs ’90
The Jansing-Cook Foundation
John Jansing
Peter H. Johnson ’62
Jennifer A. Johnston ’86
Robert T. Johnston ’67
Jeremiah and Louisa Jones
Janet Crocker Joyce ’67
Yeuk Im “Ruby” Kau ’16
Roderick C. Kellett ’87
Lauren J. Kelly ’11
Ryan P. Kelly ’17
Dr. Barry J. Kemler and Joan Kemler
Jessica A. Kinsley ’16
Jennifer S. Klein
Samuyeol Ko and Kyungha Lee
C. Richard Koster ’57
Thomas and Sarah Kramlich
Odette S. Krasnow ’59
John and Wendy Kretchmer
K.C. and Jenn Kublbeck
Sabrina Kublbeck
Nick and Margie Kuchta
Mert Y. Kula ’16
The L.M. Reid Group, LLC
Peter and Irene Labombarde
Ka Yu “Vicky” Lau ’16
Seungwon Lee ’10
Jamison Leger
Katherine M. Lemieux ’15
Sheldy Leung and Jo Jo Lin
The Lewis M. & Esther Perlstein Family Foundation
Richard Lewis
Sylvia Adasko Lilienthal ’40
Jeff Hall and Robin Lockwood Hall ’78
Susan Woodruff Macaulay ’63
James and Kimberly MacPhee
Jim and Kelly Maillet
Allison Malcolm Mancuso ’02
Thomas and Ellen Mann
Richard H. Mansfield ’43
William Marks
Marquis George MacDonald Foundation, Inc.
Drs. Babetta L. Marrone ’70 and Thomas Yoshida
Raymond and Carla Marsico
Gina Martin
Pete and Mary Ann Mattoon
Charles ’51 and Florence McAlister
McCarthy Realty Trust
Chris and Sharon McCarthy
Tim and Erika McCormick
Lora McEvoy
Cathleen S. Melanson
Ellen Cady Mercer ’52
Sandra G. Michelman
Wolfgang and Dorothy Millbrandt
Neil J. Minihane ’86
Cynthia M. Mitchell
Richard P. Mohlere, Jr. ’64
Jay and Joyce Moody
Elizabeth Moon Moore ’86
June Helman Moriarty ’54
B. Dulany Morriss ’84
Morse Photography
Tim Morse
Stephen and Judy Muller
William E. Mulliken, Jr. ’64
Christopher T. Murphy ’65
Margaret Jensen Murphy ’62
Drs. Michael J. Mutchler and Michele C. Parker
Dr. Frederic Nevins and Nancy Nevins
Jody A. Newton
Nestor and Anne Nicholas
Caitlin O’Brien
Kyle E. O’Brien ’12
Robert and Brenda O’Brien
Constance Graham O’Dea ’69
One Step Forward Education Foundation
Amy M. Ostroth
Daniel and Allison Parsley
Eric C. Pera
Heather Sommers Perry ’71
Dr. Helen F. Peters ’66
Adam E. C. Pierce ’99
Ed and Rhonda Pierce
Catherine E. Pollock
Mike and Sarah Quinlan
Paul and Pauline Quinlan
Dr. Adam T. Rabinowitz ’91
Barry and Carolyn Ralston
Stephanie A. Ramos
A. Catalina Reinoso
Dr. Vincent S. Reppucci and Michele Pallai
Rebecca Rice
Nancy Johnson Richards ’64
Theodore F. Robbins ’57
Clayton S. Robinson ’62
The Honorable Edward J. Rockett ’55
Rob and Mary Beth Rockwell
Alison R. Rowe ’74
Dave and Leanne Royal
Bryan and Nancy Ruez
Virginia Hanscom Rugeley ’53
Susan Remmer Ryzewic ’69
Michelle Lu Saetersmoen ’05
Anne Salmon ’16
Scott and Kim Samson
Joseph and Sheryl Sargent
Steven and Carol Sarro
David C. Schaefer ’59
Barbara Brown Schultz ’62
D. Todd Servick ’91
Helen Gonyea Shannon ’47
Jay and Heidi Sharron
Willard I. Shattuck III ’62 and Jane Woodruff Shattuck ’65
Matthew Shea
Kotaro Shiba
Dan and Dyan Sierra
Dr. Candyce R. Silver ’69
Jarrod N. Simmons ’17
Laura Bowen Simon ’67
Douglas A. Smalis ’71
Elizabeth J. Smith ’78
Peter A. Snyder ’90
Robert P. Soucy
Auriell P. Spiegel ’94
Irena Choi Stern ’76
David L. Stiller ’64
Dr. Robert S. Stipek and Anna Maria Alberghini
Laura Stirk
Nicole E. Streeter ’13
David and Pam Streeter
Ryan Suchanek
Nancy Canby Sunshine ’48
Randall Sussman ’81
Kathleen Coulombe Taylor ’64
Robert W. Thornton ’54
Terrie M. Tin ’09
Chris and Dena Torino
Brett ’85 and Laura Torrey
John B. Towers ’87
Trading Post Music, Inc.
Robert F. Trevor ’56
Bill and Sue Troy
O. Blossom Truel ’17
Hiroshi and Teruko Uemura
Joshua Vautour
Ovila Vautour
Marina G. Vernon ’07
Dr. Deborah Warner ’70
Dan and Marcia Wasser
Melissa Z. Wasser ’12
Frederick D. Watts ’47
Jill A. Weigley ’09
Phil and Amy Wexler
Christopher G. White ’01
Warren F. White, Jr. ’67
Ashley W. Whitney
Jane Whitney ’60
Scott ’88 and Christyn Whitney
Harry and Sue Wight
Edith Koehler Williams ’63
April L. Winter
Thomas Wise and Justine Woolner-Wise
Mr. Mark G. Wolf and Alison Wolf
Ryan and Rebecca Wood
Susan Stirling Woody ’62
Patrice H. Worcester ’79
Heather Wright-Ojha ’84
Robert M. Yeager ’06
Sara Yeager
Sangyeun “Joshua” Yoon ’17
Caroline V. Young ’16
Devon F. Young ’13
Jack and Marcia Young
Marty and Mini Young
Ken and Gisele Zangari
Dengfeng Zhen and Alice Bao
Xiping “Jessie” Zhen ’16
Glen Zhu and Rujie Gong
Ashley M. Zimmerman ’05 

2015-2016 Donors

Alumni Donors

Estate of Mary Elizabeth Perrins Wright
Marjorie Clapp True
John F. Carr *
Sylvia Adasko Lilienthal *
Stanley C. Bloom
Barbara Willins Hotchkiss *
Barbara Leland Ripley
Richard H. Mansfield *
Nancy Stackpole Coffin *
Estate of Lewis A. Crowell
Duncan W. Munro *
Eula King Buckwalter
Lucille Agard Bugel *
Shirley Foynes Hargraves-Berl
Constance Whitehead Kiermaier
Jerome F. Wyman
Richard W. Griffith, Jr. *
Jeanette Hunter Hennessy
William C. Allison IV *
John R. Bentley *
Dr. Robert S. Bond *
Dr. James K. Heeren
Fernando Lemus-Suarez *
Helen Gonyea Shannon *
Frederick D. Watts *
Elizabeth Canby Wilson
Helen Riccio Gallucci *
Eloise Kenney *
Edward S. Lipinsky
John W. MacDowell, Jr.
Norma Barclay Merolla *
Virginia Reimers Perry *
Estate of Lawrence J. Sullivan
Nancy Canby Sunshine *
Joan Wilson White *
Dorothy S. Zug *
Verne A. Adams *
Dr. Dwight F. Damon *
Priscilla Purdy Gallon *
Barbara Lloyd Greer *
Richard L. Nickless (d)
William D. Adams *
Albert P. Brousseau
Pauline Reimers Ellms
Valerie Wilcox England *
Oscar H. Hawley *
Myron E. Lappin
Margaret Cook Liebig *
Mary Lou Dorrien Montuori *
Barbara McQueen Nickless
Ann Woodcock Carlsen
Frances Phillips Cohen
Raymond C. Freeman, Jr. *
Lillian Prakelt Goss
Robert C. Hawley
Russell A. Marcotte
Charles A. McAlister *
Nancy Craig McGrath
Natalie Chalfin Phillips
Beverly Stevens Prakelt *
Margery Van Keuren Winter *
Elizabeth Bruning Caplan *
William H. Goodwin, Jr.
Ellen Cady Mercer *
Bruce F. Paul
Mary Ann Hendrickson Smith *
Jennifer Stace
John A. Wake
Cornelia Edwards Wells *
Elise Snow Aston
Phyllis Comber Biddle *
Sylvia Roy Bingham *
Ann Cherry Booth *
Richard H. Booth *
Maurice J. Cahill, Jr.
Malcolm H. Cheever
Howard S. Cohen *
Barbara Zimmerman Dennis *
Susanne Wilson Eaton
Katharine King Fite *
Paula Heslin Nelson *
Elizabeth Hartz Hewitt *
Diane Cummings Hill *
Sally Ann McGill Jessie
Margit Bliss Orange *
Virginia Hanscom Rugeley *
Nancy Shook Bender *
Dr. Donald F. Booth
Charles P. Clark *
Benjamin F. Dudley II
Sally Taylor Gedney
Lorraine Duval Gross *
Lucille Duval Kline *
June Helman Moriarty *
Robert W. Thornton *
Sally Nichols Tracy *
Alexander E. Barnes, Sr.
Alice Carter Duston *
Betsy Ross Fleming *
Hugh R. Gardner
Susan B. Hart *
Marle D. Hewett
Jean Wilkinson Inglis *
The Honorable Edward J. Rockett *
Donald R. Stivaletta
Susan Partridge Young *
Eileen Gaudette Amburgey *
George D. Anderson *
Victoria Wilson Bath *
Rhenda Bramwell Brodnax
Charles W. Hemingway *
William P. Kotoski *
Dr. William F. O’Neil *
Marcia Williams Perry *
Gretchen Augat Reilly *
Grace DeCarolis Robbio
Dr. Michael C. Sheff *
Marsha Simon Stelman
Robert F. Trevor *
Edward G. Watkins *
Brenda Baker Abrams
Evelyn Cohler Alter
A. Peter Blackman
Ann Cunneen Boardman
Susan White Daly
Charles B. Gilligan
Ernest J. Glass, Jr.
C. Richard Koster *
William W. Martin
Harold V. McAuliffe *
Theodore F. Robbins *
Vernon R. Tate
Frank M. Vana *
Marilyn Friese Brent *
Jane Wilbur Brown *
Robert B. Curry *
Matthew M. Cushing *
Diana Wilson Frazier *
John W. Gillis *
Carol Garland Gorman *
Robert L. Gorman *
Nathaniel C. Lyon
Caryl Burton Wright Minor *
Louise Stawniak Sayre *
Dr. Kenneth T. Wheeler, Jr. *
James E. Baskin *
Michael B. Briggs
John P. Hamel *
George C. Jordan III
Odette S. Krasnow *
David C. Schaefer *
Gail Henry Stewart *
Rebecca Bidwell Thompson *
James O. Watson *
Franklin P. Wilson III
Ann Dunning Woodward
Constance Maynard Bolzan *
Patricia L. Burke
John G. Cooney *
Peter R. Corbino
David A. Grimm *
David L. Hillbrook
Reginald L. Lewis, Jr.
Robert W. Lockerman
Rennold A. Lueder, Jr.
Jane Whitney *
Marna Nielsen Blanchette *
Eva Ulrich Chappelle
Allan O. Colby *
Edith Hillbrook Fischer *
Dr. Allan G. Freedman *
Roger N. Gaunt
Peter Haigis *
Wilfred T. Hood, Jr.
Louise Wilson Hurlbutt
Virginia Wilkinson Marcotte *
John C. Rushton
Carole Taylor Sokolowski
Anthony A. Steere, Jr. *
John J. Zawistoski *
William F. Craig III *
Stephen K. Critchfield *
Stephen A. Freudenheim *
Dr. Robert J. Friedman *
Linda Crocker Genest
Peter H. Johnson *
Margaret Jensen Murphy *
Clayton S. Robinson *
Barbara Brown Schultz *
Willard I. Shattuck III *
Susan Stirling Woody *
E. Hunt Coracci *
Johanna Brodt Grutchfield
Donald J. Hendler *
David L. Hunter *
Susan Woodruff Macaulay *
Edgar A. McMullen
John H. O’Reilly *
John R. Ursone
Edith Koehler Williams *
Cynthia Benton-Groner
Margaret O’Leary Cain *
Dr. Stephen H. Cutcliffe *
Karin von Dattan Hoeffler
Sara Herzog Hogan *
Richard P. Mohlere, Jr. *
William E. Mulliken, Jr. *
Lawrence C. Procter
Nancy Johnson Richards *
Peter J. Schenk, Jr.
David L. Stiller *
Donna Merrill Stout *
Kathleen Coulombe Taylor *
Paul A. Tierney
Thomas G. Trager
Peter C. Whitney
Dr. Douglas W. Wright *
Howard L. Blieden
Carolyn Ward Demmery
James P. Kraskouskas
Christopher T. Murphy *
Richard W. Ripley *
Dr. James A. Rondeau *
Carleton E. Saunders III
Jane Woodruff Shattuck *
Donald M. Aronoff *
Dr. Fred W. Benton, Jr. *
Carolyn A. Crowell *
Martha Heavenrich Feferman
David C. Jarmon
Dr. Gregory Johnson
Christopher D. Mahoney
Peter B. Nathanson
Dr. Helen F. Peters *
Valerie Friend Randall
Daphne Thompson-Addabbo
R. Phineas Tuthill, Jr.
Caroline Bernhard Benson
Richard J. Chase, Jr. *
Robert T. Johnston *
Janet Crocker Joyce *
The Honorable David G. Sacks *
M. Kerby Saunders II *
Laura Bowen Simon *
Warren F. White, Jr. *
Dr. Lynn Feldman Wittman
Alan B. Crocker *
Alan B. Cutcliffe *
William J. Fenton *
S. Christopher Park
Roger H. Brooks, Jr. *
Marion W. Brown *
Gillian Brown Bunker *
Andrew L. Cohen *
Arthur J. Coulombe *
Estate of M. Anthony Fisher
Lynn Montana
Constance Graham O’Dea *
Susan Remmer Ryzewic *
Dr. Candyce R. Silver *
Robert A. Young *
Thatcher R. Beebe *
David I. Brooks
William H. Buell III *
Joseph W. Constance, Jr.
Ellen F. Harrington *
Blair R. Hopps *
Richard E. Hunter *
Thomas E. Jaffa
Dr. Babetta L. Marrone *
Judith S. Myers *
Thiravat Na Pombejara
Dr. Deborah Warner *
Craig A. Bogosian
Ann Hugenberg Franklin
Naoto Inoue
Nancy Goguen Lippincott
Elizabeth Johnson Messenger
Earl B. Nichols, Jr.
Lorne S. Ouellet
April L. Paris
Heather Sommers Perry *
Scott C. Salter
Douglas A. Smalis *
Holly C. Statler
Jane I. Steiger *
Betsy Woodruff Thayer
Leslie Edwards Vincent *
Leslie Foss Bowen
Allen K. Cohn
Roberta DeWaters *
Mari-Carol Lenihan *
Martin J. Mueller
Robert E. Barrat *
Atim E. George *
Dr. Edward P. Johanningsmeier
Carlos M. Ortiz, Jr. *
Franklin N. Redd
Alison R. Rowe *
Lisa E. Allen
Alastair S. Browne *
Veronica Choi Krath
Gary K. Prahm *
Lawrence M. Reid *
Kimberly White Sousa
John G. Sussek III *
Harvey S. Young
Sandee Fried Zuccaro
Randy L. Herk
Philip S. Raskin *
Irena Choi Stern *
David F. Farnham *
Lewis B. Goldstein
Dr. Charles A. Johanningsmeier
Steven N. Lemieux
Marilyn Sussman Murch
Mary Wolfe Zimmermann
Jodie D. Elliott
Gregg A. Falcone
Karen G. Hess *
Robin Lockwood Hall *
Dr. Dana Curry Lorway
Elizabeth J. Smith *
Elliott Q. Ventura
Tanya V. Anderson
Johanna F. Chanin
Patrice H. Worcester *
Stephen A. Young
Mark D. Boyer
Robert J. Duca
Michael R. Foisie *
Eberhard W. Rau
Mark D. Webster
Irene Choi Yu
Matthew L. Cone *
Katherine E. Kaae *
Paul G. Moody
Randall Sussman *
Robert H. Alexander *
Anna S. Choi
Jeffrey Creech
Matthew H. Defeo
Dennis-Peter Kamoen
Lisa M. Kanning
Matthew D. Rousseau *
Julee Sanderson
Matt G. Siegel
Stephanie Terrien
Dana E. Barnes
Douglas A. Cramer
Bruce D. Feldman
Brian P. Green *
Sandra Vachon Sullivan
Dr. Mark D. Desjardins
Gordon S. Finkelstein
B. Dulany Morriss *
Michael E. Rau
Timothy J. Wall
Heather Wright-Ojha *
Philip H. Allen III
Alicia K. Amerson *
Edward A. Cadogan
S. Rebecca Chanin *
Eliza Wood Dietz *
Claire M. Gallagher
Matthew C. Kallas
Bruce M. Lemieux *
Ann M. Logan
Peter G. Melanson *
Matthew W. Moran
Juan A. Poleo
Samuel M. Roebuck
Kyle R. Sanborn
Charles H. Thornton III
Brett J. Torrey *
Christopher Wajda
Suzanne M. Widenhouse
Esther New Young
Thomas J. Bivona
Anne McGuire Clark
Kimberly Hohenadel
Jennifer A. Johnston *
Neil J. Minihane *
Elizabeth Moon Moore *
Brian G. Moriarty
Paul R. Pagnucco
Nelson R. Schniewind
Elma L. Shaw
A. Brooks Thoroughgood III *
Damon B. Tyson
Elizabeth Rogers Bald *
Stephen D. Chen *
Catherine Brewer Daley *
Elizabeth Mann Easterwood
Roderick C. Kellett *
John B. Towers *
Kristin Henry Walton *
Mark J. Axelman
Trevor B. Cone *
Jessica L. Eisenhaure *
Daniel M. Logan
James W. Merrill
Kenneth A. Shapiro *
Scott D. Whitney *
Carter W. Byham *
Cullen Goodyear Concannon *
Jeremy A. Duffy *
Jill M. Halloran
Jessica Zimmerman Hoppin
Wayne M. Semisch
Jennifer Paxman Bernard *
Nathan J. Berkus
Derek P. Clark
Rachel E. Goldberg
Heather L. Hill *
Ji-Ho Hyun
Kevin J. Jacobs *
William K. Kelly
Peter A. Snyder *
David A. Woolenberg
Jason T. H. Bagshaw
Tanya May Bos
Tryon D. Clark *
Matthew P. Ettinger *
Jordan A. Hall *
T. Keith Hart, Jr. *
Doreen Hobson McPaul
Tomoo Ohyama
Dr. Adam T. Rabinowitz *
Patricia Vaidulas Romijn
D. Todd Servick *
Stella S. M. Cheung
Meishay R. Gattis
Ilse Sorensen Murdock
John A. Ramirez
Hendrick Sin
Todd A. Bomchel
Justin Y. Brown
Sean M. DePaula
Andre A. Gelinas
Andrew K. Hobson
Carmen Schmitt Lopez
Nathaniel L. Sahn
Elyse H. Webber
Brian P. Downey
Erin Winski Greenwald
Denise Hobson Ryan
Auriell P. Spiegel *
Emily Howard Staub
Daniel J. Sbrega
Robert L. Seymour
Abigail Goen Helfat *
James J. Philbin
I-Ching “Dennis” Wang
Benjamin P. Willner
Robert P. Allen
Valerie A. Bono
Rachel L. Dellheim *
Keith M. Emery
Travis M. Kessock
Daniel L. Fontas
John B. Pacheco
Michael P. Philbin
Thia M. Connolly-Philbin
Rafael A. Jimenez
Kathleen Zimmerman Marlow *
Brad M. Nizwantowski
Adam E. C. Pierce *
Dana Daller Powell
Nicole Shiffman Schwartz
Spencer M. Butterfield
Melissa Irving Christensen *
Juan A. Marquez
Amy Wenning Peanamanda
Erica J. Smith
Henry R. Breckenridge
Adam T. Gadoury *
Matthew S. Lemieux
Anthony J. Mallozzi IV
Alex J. Pientka
Christopher G. White *
Ashlee Pierce Cabeal *
James B. Cheever
Derek M. Evjenth
Jaime G. Hancock
Allison Malcolm Mancuso *
Ian S. Moremen
Steven J. Sanders
Dr. Sophia Schippers van Hoff
Michael R. Watson
Wenjing Guo
Jennifer Chase Iverson
Chelsea Cummings Koski
Jeremy C. McShane
John R. Butler, Jr.
Yasuyuki Goto *
Patricia K. Hecht *
Keith A. Longo
Hayley M. Moore
Michael T. Rust
Luke R. Saunders
Christopher J. Tracy
Matthew L. Cadwallader
Michael P. Golze
Erika L. Lawler
Nicholas R. Louras
Michelle Lu Saetersmoen *
Nicholas E. Sanders *
Blakney Young Scott
Adam J. Svedberg
Ashley M. Zimmerman *
Tin Hang “Tyler” Chu *
Allison K. Crater
Drew D. Deuger
Abigail E. Devin
David W. Donohue
Douglas M. Dreyer
Ryan L. Duff *
Amanda J. Earley
Katharine K. Foote
John R. Frey *
Andreana M. Goldlust
Abigail E. Gordon
Whitney L. Hansen
Chun Hei “Michael” Ho
Matthew E. Lamonakis
Emma L. Lippincott
Richard J. Meehan
Michael B. Nadler
Aaron E. Santos
Jami E. Shugrue
Brandon P. Smith
Carlie J. Smith
Heather Brown Strock
Drew S. Wenning
Robert M. Yeager *
Shane M. Chase
Andrea M. Del Bello
Eliza G. Jones
Broc R. Little
Kathryn M. Marchetti
Sean P. McNiff
Edina Harrington Meehan
Amelia King Randolph
William H. Ruez
Martine E. Singer
Annelise G. Snyder
Marina G. Vernon *
Alexa L. Barry
Carly M. Belson
Joshua J. Bernard
Leah M. Crabtree
Shelby F. Grotto
Charles S. Gurney
Tyler D. Little
Katherine D. Lundberg
Brian C. Maguire
Thomas L. Massie II
Shelagh R. Merrill
Stephen E. Oldfield
Kathryn E. Powers
Megan E. Shea
Kelly S. Sprague
Allison E. Szlosek
Kristina A. Brown
Matthew C. Cavicchi
Chun Ming “Sam” Ho
Alexandra Q. Krasowski
Victoria M. Lorden
Terrie M. Tin *
Jill A. Weigley *
Shawn M. Bennett
Lucas J. Donahue *
Emily M. Halpin *
David A. Hastings
Seungwon “David” Lee *
Conor M. Sheary
Lauren J. Slebodnick
Brian T. Troy
Colton P. Bailey
Ian J. Boyle
Henry A. D’Angelo
Justina R. Germano
Lauren J. Kelly *
Anna P. Rapperport
Amanda Mae Sarro
Robin C. Yoshida
Ryan E. Bennett
Grace S. Centauro *
Elsie R. Eastman *
Stephen K. Inman *
Samuel A. Langrock
Kyle E. O’Brien *
Melissa Z. Wasser *
Cameron S. Akers
Susan M. Cavanagh
Katlyn M. Gallant
Timothy R. Lemieux
Mary M. O’Neill
Nicole E. Streeter *
Devon F. Young *
Philip F. Young
Jordan T. Comeau
Kyu Sang Han *
Michael F. Powers
John A. Casady *
Hiu Tik “Haidee” Chu *
Douglas R. Hartshorn
Fiona H. Kusza
Katherine M. Lemieux *
Norman J. MacDonald IV
Diana A. Parsley
Kayla M. Sargent
Ryan T. Senecal

* Royal Penguin Society member

Memorial Gifts

In Memory of Mildred Dunn Beebe ’36 and Clifford Beebe
Barbara A. Beebe
In Memory of Elizabeth Waller Bilodeau ’73
Camelot Lane LLC
Allen K. Cohn ’72
In Memory of Jimmie-Gaye Buono
Gregory Abare
Alice Aieskoll
Nunzy and Karen Antonellis
Nathaniel Babcock
David M. Branham
David and Lynn Breau
Kristina A. Brown ’09
Vi-Anne Brown
Chris Buono
John R. Butler, Jr. ’04
Sue Casey
Frederick B. Caswell
Matthew C. Cavicchi ’09
Grace S. Centauro ’12
Ed and Penny Chrusciel
Hui Tik “Haidee” Chu ’15
Francis and Dolores Colecchi
Jared and Meredith Colicchie
Lance and Sarah Conrad
Robin Cook
Dwight Curtis
Andrew M. Del Bello ’07
Francis S. Dembek
Thomas Desbois
Drew D. Deuger ’06
Abigail E. Devin ’06
Rich Devin and Jess MacKenzie Devin
Jo Dibenedepto
Elsie R. Eastman ’12
Gil and Linna Ettinger
Jim and Colleen Fay
Katharine K. Foote ’06
Brenda Foster
John R. Frey ’06
Robert Gagnon
Donald Gallant
Cheryl J. Ganz
Terence Gibbons
Barbara L. Goodwin
Ellen F. Harrington ’70
Joan S. Hathaway
Eric Hebert
Desh and Phuong Hindle
Sydney R. Hofer
Christopher Howes and Margaret Norian
Bob and Carolyn Johnson
Eliza G. Jones ’07
Jeremiah and Louisa Jones
Tyler Kolle
K.C. and Jenn Kublbeck
Nick and Margie Kuchta
Margaret H. Lee
Katherine M. Lemieux ’15
Amy T. Logan
Kathryn M. Marchetti ’07
Drs. Babetta L. Marrone ’70 and Thomas Yoshida
Sean P. McNiff ’07
Richard J. Meehan ’06 and Edina Harrington Meehan ’07
Cathleen S. Melanson
Michael and Nancy Mello
Middlebury College Women’s Ice Hockey Team
Shelagh R. Merrill ’08
Sandra G. Michelman
Heather L. Miller
Cynthia M. Mitchell
Lori Nix
William J. O’Hearn
Mary M. O’Neill ’13
Eric C. Pera
Stephanie A. Ramos
Amelia King Randolph ’07
Rebecca Rice
Emily C. Roller
Aaron E. Santos ’06
Kayla M. Sargent ’15
Ryan T. Senecal ’15
Jay and Heidi Sharron
Matthew Shea
Megan E. Shea ’08
Jami E. Shugrue ’06
Lauren J. Slebodnick ’10
Annelise G. Snyder ’07
Robert P. Soucy
Laura Stirk
Nicole E. Streeter ’13
Ryan Suchanek
Brett ’85 and Laura Torrey
University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine
Marina G. Vernon ’07
Dan and Marcia Wasser
Michael R. Watson ’02
Bill and Marcy Wenning
Edward and Nancy Whittemore
April L. Winter
Heidi Woodworth
Robert M. Yeager ’06
Robin C. Yoshida ’11
Devon F. Young ’13
Philip F. Young ’13
In Memory of Lois Cann
Evelyn Cohler Alter ’57
Robert C. Hawley ’51
Harold V. McAuliffe ’57
In Memory of John Cellantano
Matthew D. Rousseau ’82
In Memory of C. Clyde Cooke
Dr. James K. Heeren ’47
Robert W. Thornton ’54
In Memory of Steven C. Farnham ’79
Bank of America Foundation, Inc.
David F. Farnham ’77
In Memory of Mary G. Fern ’92 (HON)
Lisa E. Allen ’75
Dr. Deborah Warner ’70
In Memory of Sharel Flautt Florio ’52
Jennifer Stace ’52
In Memory of Lisa M. Geddis
Dorothy S. Benham
Northwestern Mutual Foundation                  
In Memory of Robert D. Hanscom
Virginia Hanscom Rugeley ’53
In Memory of Paul Heslin
Frank M. Vana ’57
Dr. Michael C. Sheff ’56
In Memory of John J. Hickey ’06
Matthew E. Lamonakis ’06
In Memory of John G. Hopkins
William H. Buell II ’70
Trading Post Music, Inc.
In Memory of Henry Hunt ’91 (HON) and Estelle P. Hunt ’91 (HON)
A. Peter Blackman ’57
John G. Cooney ’60
Robert W. Lockerman ’60
In Memory of Dr. Arthur G. Johanningsmeier and Jean Johanningsmeier
Gary K. Prahm ’75
In Memory of Harriett Leppanen Levy ’47
David Greene
Farah Hoepfl
In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Melanson
Peter G. Melanson ’85
In Memory of Thomas R. Paxman
Margaret H. Lee
In Memory of Alison Quinn Pennypacker ’63
David and Linda Halvorsen
In Memory of Douglas N. Rice ’62
Dr. Robert J. Friedman ’62
In Memory of Marguerite Sawyer
Evelyn Cohler Alter ’57 

Current Parents

Tom and Lisa Appleton
William and Heidi Auslander
Gyu Tae Bae and Bok Hee Jung *
Linsheng Bao and Yongmei Li *
Vincent and Laura Barletta
Dr. Theodore Barton and Cindy Litzenberger *
Ricky and Mary Jo Brainin
Mark Burke and Dr. Jane L. Burke *
Peter and Kristen Burke *
Carlos and Marcia Carter
Sue Casey
Jingui Chen and Jessy Lin
Mercedes Christman
Dr. Gregory R. Ciottone and Amalia Voskanyan
Jeff Creech ’82 and Deborah Gorham-Creech
Gerald and Nancy Dodd
Charles and Sylvie Dutil *
Manuel Estrelles Domingo and Magdalena Hernanz Sanchez
Atiqullah Faizee
Jim and Colleen Fay *
Julia Blair Forrester
Cynthia Fusillo
Scott and Deb Gardner *
Timothy Gendron
Pete and Tira Gilchrest *
Richard and Maryellen Guerriero *
Jeff Hall and Robin Lockwood Hall ’78 *
Dr. Stuart A. Harlin and Jill Harlin *
Lukman Hartono and Sylvia Chow
Francis Ho and Eppie Cheung *
David and Anne Jarvis
Samuel Ko and Kyungha Lee *
K.C. and Jenn Kublbeck *
Sabrina Kublbeck *
Sheldy Leung and Jo Jo Lin *
Weigen Lu *
Jim and Kelly Maillet *
Jack and Peggy Manning
Pete and Mary Ann Mattoon *
Perry Metviner and Karen Asher
Kathleen Morgan
Steven and Jennifer Morlock
Jeffery Mustafa and Massnie Yahya
Drs. Michael J. Mutchler and Michele C. Parker *
Dr. Frederic Nevins and Nancy Nevins *
Dr. Jon S. Odorico and Courtney Odorico
Drs. Sung Sup Park and Jong Kyung Kim
Mark and Catherine Parsells
Mark and Denise Pustizzi
Mike and Sarah Quinlan *
Jennifer Raterman *
Michael and Stacey Roswell
Scott and Kim Samson *
Masakazu and Hiromi Sato
Kamal and Zahava Sharma
Kotaro Shiba *
Myung Ho Son and Amy Lee
Lucius Strazdis and Vida Juodaitis
Hendrawan Sudarpo and Mariani Kurniawan
Hiroshi and Teruko Uemura *
James Wagman and Anne Landsman
David and Colleen Watson
Thomas and Sara White
Dr. Mark G. Wolf and Alison Wolf *
Marty and Mini Young *
Steve ’79 and Valerie Young
Dengfeng Zhen and Alice Bao *
Glen Zhu and Rujie Gong *
Larry Abbott *
Steve and Liz Akers *
Mark and Vera Andreucci
Paul and Melissa Banks
Stephen and Maura Bilafer
Hollister Bundy
Joseph and Molly Burns *
James and Karen Cheverie
Dr. Gregory R. Ciottone and Amalia Voskanyan
Richard Diver *
Lisa Durkee Abbott
Jim and Colleen Fay *
Thomas and Lee Ann Fital *
Julia Blair Forrester
David and Jennifer Frontero
Yongli Fu and Qiulan Liu
Scott and Deb Gardner *
Raymond and Maria Haarstick *
Daniel Hull and Nancy Pease
Weiguo Jiang and Shaoying Zhang
John and Barbara Kelly
Dr. Seok Beom Lee and Jeong Sun Lee
Dr. Dana Curry Lorway ’78
Norman and Becky MacDonald
Gina Martin *
Walter and Jill McLaughlin
J.R. and Jane Ann Neiswender
Li Pei and Jing Zhu
Noel Philp and Robin D’Alessandro
Lillian Proveaux
Benny Qiu and Yan Pang
Jeff and Megan Reger
Dr. Young Jin Ryu and Sun Young Min
Chuck and Carol Schaefer
Jim and Ginny Unger
Scott ’88 and Christyn Whitney *
Ryan and Rebecca Wood *
Young Moon and Jehee Yang
Drs. Hyojin Yoon and Sunhee Kim
Douglas and Lisa Arthur
Peter and Julie Bastone
Stephen and Maura Bilafer
David and Lynn Breau *
Mark Burke and Dr. Jane L. Burke *
Bin Cheng and Weihong You
Joseph and Saundra Edwards
Michael ’80 and Jeanmarie Foisie *
Timothy Gendron
Zongru He and Candy Zeng
Francis Ho and Eppie Cheung *
Henry Hui and Alice Wibisono
Scott Huff and Kim Khazei Huff
Drs. Michael G. Huss and Mary Anne Choi
Drs. Kyoung Bok Kang and Ji Youn Kim
Bryan Kim and Michelle Ahn
Hee Chul Kim and Bok Suk Jung
John and Darleen Lessard
Wenhui Liu and Lan Yang
Jim and Kelly Maillet *
Michael and Susan McElhaney
Pete and Cindy Merrill *
J.R. and Jane Ann Neiswender
Yue Qiu and Xiaohong Fan
Paul and Deborah Royka
Jay and Heidi Sharron *
Mark and Darlene Stoever
Daniel and Kerrin Tammik
Wenming Wang and Qiulian Ding
Yongqin Wang and Jenny Zhu
Michael Wolf and Lisa Klein-Wolf
Guohua Ye and Qiuxiang Xiao
Sang Kwon Yoon and Young Ran Lee
Hua Zeng and Hong Du
Yihong Zeng and Jingyong Wang
Youjun Zhang and Chengyun Li
Peiguang Zheng and Ruojing Wang
Anonymous (2)
Eric and Katharine Abrahamson
Alastair and Leslie Adam
Hiroyuki and Kimiko Arita
Carl and Heidi Borella
George and Andrea Bury
Joe and Kathleen Conroy
Brendan and Maria Coppinger
Andrew and Melissa Engel
Xiangyang Fang and Ruixuan Ren
Shawn and Nancy Gebhardt
Albert Grimaldi
Desh and Phuong Hindle *
Bin Hu and Qing Wang
Bruce ’85 and Karen Lemieux *
Dr. Kangyu Li and Bin Luan
Barry and Rebecca Maskas
Steven and Jennifer Morlock
Douglas and Melissa O’Donnell
Scott and Kim Samson *
Bing Shen and Yun Wang
Dave and Beth Stone *
Mark and Kathleen Thies
Chris and Dena Torino *
Haitao Wang and Yaru Li
Paul Wang and Grace Huo
Su Wang and Ying Xin
Phil and Amy Wexler *
Samuel and Joyce Wilson
Gary Wu and Qin Xue
Qiqi Xie
Daxiang Zeng and Yun Zhong

Current Grandparents
David and Gail Bumgardner *
Harvey and Blakely Bundy
Betsy Burke
Jean Curtis
Robert Kelly (d)
Henry Minor and Caryl Burton Wright Minor ’58 *
John and Barbara Neiswender
Paul and Pauline Quinlan
Chuck and Carol Schaefer
Joseph and Elaine Shank
Pete Whitney ’64
Timothy and Lynn Williams

*Royal Penguin Society members

Current Student Donors 

Edward C. Anglow
Alexandre Arnau
Drew T. Benedict
Brianna F. Bermingham
Timothy R. Bouchard *
Max R. Brainin
Mackenzie L. Burke
Olivia B. Burke
Ronnie C. Callahan *
Daylon Carter
Gabrielle A. Chen
Sarita L. Chen
Yuxin “Cyvian” Chen
Vigen G. Ciottone *
Thalia I. Clarissa
Jack G. Dodd
Nicolas Dutil *
Alejandro Estrelles Hernanz
Jack R. Fay
J. Edwin Forrester
Timothy S. Gardner
Michael M. Garvey
Luciana Guerra Isaksen
Rachel A. Guerriero
John L. Hall
Scott A. Harlin
Piper G. F. Harrod
Jiaqiao “Leo” He
Brent T. Hill
Sai Kei “Ferguz” Ho
James C. Jarvis
Sophiya F. Jeffery
Jacob B. Kamps
Derek C. Kasperzyk
Yeuk Im “Ruby” Kau *
Jessica A. Kinsley *
Evelyn J. Krippner
Kyle A. Kublbeck
Mert Y. Kula *
Arden M. Kusza
Rafiqullah Lalander
Ka Yu “Vicky” Lau *
Ja Youn “Behatti” Lee
Constantine Leung
Benjamin W. Lipper
J. Myles Maillet
Julian G. Maiorano
Ryan K. Marsan
Caroline G. Mattoon
Joseph Metviner
Frederick S. Morlock
Mikaela R. P. Mutchler
David H. Nevins
Kristen P. Odorico
Oluwafolabomi Olujimi
Jae Yoon “Jay” Park
Clare G. Parsells
Barthelemy Peret
Gianna N. Pezzulo
Tathia A. Primasany
Matthew P. Quinlan
Danielle H. Rybinski
Anne Salmon *
Sabrina R. Samandar
Evan W. Samson
Toshinori Sato
Daniel A. Schwartzapfel
Simret Semine
Chad D. Shade
Vikram K. Sharma
Reiji Shimane
Emilia M. Strazdis
Yu Susaki
Ryoma Takahashi
Go Uemura
Christopher J. Usman
Diego A. Vargas
Adam G. Wagman
Rafi P. Widjojo
Alexandra B. Wolf
Visaruth “Win” Worakunthada
Yue “Fiona” Yang
Caroline V. Young *
Kalle A. Young
Xiping “Jessie” Zhen *
Minhao “Nelson” Zhou
Spencer C. Akers *
Abdulaziz M. Alsaleh
Garrett A. Amaya
Alec M. Andreucci
Dingqi Ang
Tomas P. Balboa Livis *
Zachary U. Banks
Brian D. Bilafer
Nasir J. Bly
Myles A. Bonadie
Remy T. Bragg
Kristina E. Cheverie
Marcus S. C. Choy
Robert G. Ciottone *
Seamus O. Crouth
Trevor B. Diver
Collin J. Doherty
Elizabeth A. Ekberg
Kevin J. Fay
Alexander T. Ferguson
Caroline P. Fital
W. Stratford Forrester
Ashton W. Fry
Natalia Gandra Luna
Linnea M. Gardner
Robert Haddad
Eiru “Eric” Haneda
Dennis B. Haughton
Arthur T. Hull
Yuan “Cindy” Jiang
Lizette Kably Mussali
Jessica Kamkhaji Jafif
Ryan P. Kelly *
Gregorio Kuakumensah
Hallie Lau
Edward P. Lyons III
Emily C. Martin
Tyler E. E. McCritty
Marc E. McLaughlin
Alex Monsonego Sitton
Alex Monsonis Martino
Senai G. Motley
Ashley C. Neiswender
Morgan E. Neiswender
Christine C. Okafor
William D. Petersen
Chiaro N. Pfosi
Austin J. Pyne
Jie “Jasmine” Qiu
Kurt A. Reger
Alejandro Schlesinger Baranek
Mariana Segovia Cadavid
Jarrod N. Simmons *
Zara N. Tarter
O. Blossom Truel *
Anne W. Unger
Andrea E. Velez
Nitara Vishwanath
Julian B. Waeger
Darice Wheeler
Madyson A. Whitney
Sangyeun “Joshua” Yoon *
Chengyuan “William” Zhang
Deniz Adiguzel
Joshua P. Arruda
Giovanni S. Bastone
Cameron J. Berube
Gloria E. Bilafer
Octavian F. Bishop II
Cameron K. Burke
Ziqian “Celine” Chen
Mengying “Celina” Cheng
Claris Dabah Smeke
Blake Edwards
Xiaotong “Sunny” Fu
Mary I. Gendron
Tatum V. Huff
Koon Ho “Darren” Hui
Noah Kim
Kayla R. Klein-Wolf
Kangsan Lee
Madison E. Lessard
Yui Chit “Richard” Leung
Carlos Luja Amezcua
Jameson C. Maillet
Joseph W. Merrill
Teresa Metta Harari
Jinoh “Laura” Oh
Yifeng “Ethan” Qiu
Sara Romano
Sarah M. Royka
Matthew L. Shriver
Zazie A. Sidharta
Jeremy T. Smith
Ryuhei Takiya
Yashika B. Thakurani
Timothy P. Walsh, Jr.
James A. Walton
Siqi “Jacky” Wang
Siyi “Jenny” Wang
Yuning “Emily” Wang
Ming “Carina” Ye
Jiayi “Ethan” Yu
Yilin “Catherine” Zeng
Xuandi “Shandy” Zhang
Yiqin “Apple” Zhang
Tianyuan “Tommy” Zhao
Zitong “Tony” Zheng
Sara K. Abrahamson
William E. G. Adam
Brian O. Akukwe
Felix H. C. Bailly
Jade A. Bury
Justin E. Canning
Brianna E. Coppinger
Stewart DeLeon
Jingkai “Jeffrey” Fang
Calder J. Gebhardt
Allison M. Green
Rebekkah A. Grimaldi
Jingxuan “Krystal” Guo
Avery S. Heinz
Ethan Hindle
Zhexuan “Katherine” Hu
Hiroki Ito
Catherine A. King
Amanda R. Kinsley
Theodore K. Lampel
Chun Mo “Ivan” Lee
SoYoon “Stella” Lee
Muyang “Barry” Li
Trent J. Madigan
Christopher R. Maskas
Allison L. O’Donnell
Brendan G. Samson
Jillian M. Stone
Yifei “Kit” Tang
Cole Torino
Ye “Andrew” Wang
Yuzhe Wang
Zheyu “Oliver” Wang
Gabrielle E. Wexler
Tyler J. Wilson
Jieyi “Jenny” Wu
Jiawei “Wesley” Zeng
Yi “Robinson” Zhou

*Royal Penguin Society members

Current Faculty & Staff

Gregory Abare *
Jeremy Abbott *
Lawrence S. Abbott *
Donna M. Audet *
Raja D. Bala *
David N. Bennett *
Jennifer Paxman Bernard ’90 *
Chris and Nancy Boyle *
David M. Branham *
Lynn M. Breau *
Vi-Anne Brown *
Mark W. Burke *
Dr. Susan K. Carlisle *
Susanna M. Casey *
Frederick B. Caswell *
Penny Chrusciel *
Wayne and Cara Clarke *
Meredith K. Colicchie *
Donald T. Connors *
Shane P. Connors *
Alexander E. Coyle
Dwight Curtis
Francis S. Dembek *
Thomas Desbois *
Rich Devin and Jess MacKenzie Devin *
Donna Dufresne *
Michael Dumont *
Colleen A. Fay *
Brenda Foster *
Adam T. Gadoury ’01 *
Robert Gagnon *
Donald J. Gallant *
Deborah Gardner *
Shawn and Nancy Gebhardt *
Terence Gibbons *
Peter C. Gilchrest *
Andrew and Berkeley Gillentine
Deborah A. Gustafson *
Donny Harmon and Deb Nyberg Harmon *
Ellen F. Harrington ’70 *
Joan S. Hathaway *
Eric Hebert *
Heather L. Hill ’90 *
David D. Hindle *
Christopher Howes and Margaret Norian
Bob and Carolyn Johnson
Tyler Kolle
K.C. Kublbeck *
Sabrina Kublbeck *
Michael Kuchta *
Margaret H. Lee *
Jamison Leger *
Bruce ’85 and Karen Lemieux *
Amy T. Logan *
Kelly A. Maillett *
Claudia Markey
William Marks *
Gina M. Martin *
Lora McEvoy *
Cathleen S. Melanson *
Dr. Mark Melchior
Cynthia B. Merrill *
Sandra G. Michelman *
Heather L. Miller
Cynthia M. Mitchell *
John R. Neiswender
Jody A. Newton *
Lori A. Nix
Caitlin O’Brien *
William J. O’Hearn
Amy M. Ostroth *
C. Steve Parker, Jr.
Eric C. Pera *
Catherine E. Pollock *
Rebecca S. Pressman
Stephanie A. Ramos *
Kristen Reimold
A. Catalina Reinoso *
Rebecca Rice *
Emily C. Roller *
David W. Royal *
Dan and Michelle Salvucci *
Aaron E. Santos ’06
Jason Sharron *
Matthew Shea *
Kristen Smith
Robert P. Soucy *
Laura Stirk *
Dave and Beth Stone *
Cheryl M. Storm ’16 (HON)
Pamela A. Streeter *
Ryan Suchanek *
Chris and Dena Torino *
Brett ’85 and Laura Torrey *
William F. Troy *
Joshua Vautour *
Ovila Vautour *
Kisha Watts
William H. Wenning *
Philip S. Wexler *
Ashley W. Whitney *
April L. Winter *
Michael Wolf and Lisa Klein-Wolf
Ryan B. Wood *
Ken and Gisele Zangari 

Former Faculty & Staff

Nathaniel Babcock
Alexa L. Barry ’08
Guy A. Bramble *
Kelly J. Cacciolfi *
Mark Carlisle *
Peter and Nicki Clarke *
Jared J. Colicchie *
Lance E. Conrad
Dr. Mark D. Desjardins ’84
Lisa Durkee Abbott
Robert and Jeanette Emerson
Dr. Fred T. Erskine III *
Dr. Joyce L. Ferris
Edith Hillbrook Fischer ’61 *
David W. Halvorsen
Patricia K. Hecht ’04 *
Rich ’14 (HON) and Jill Henry
Stephen A. Jacobs
Louisa G. Jones *
Matthew C. Kallas ’85
Erika L. Lawler ’05
Carmen Schmitt Lopez ’93
Dr. Dana Curry Lorway ’78
Jim Maillet *
Ian S. Moremen ’02
Kathryn E. Powers ’08
M. N. Shroff *
Kimberly White Sousa ’75
William L. Thayer
H. Whitwell Wales
David Walton and Kristin Henry Walton ’87 *
Marcy S. Wenning *
Sara Yeager *

*Royal Penguin Society members

Parents & Grandparents of Alumni

Nunzy and Karen Antonellis, P’11, ’13
Tom and Lisa Appleton, P’16
Bob Barton, P’02
Dave and Lyn Bennett, P’09, ’13 *
Walter and Cathy Bennett, P’10, ’12  
David and Nancy Berkowitz, P’15 *
Marc and Cheryl Bingham, P’07, ’10 *
Norman Bingham and Sylvia Roy Bingham ’53, P’74, G’07, ’10 *
Allan and Loretta Blauner, P’95 *
Jane Bourette, P’09 *
Mark ’80 and Lori Boyer, P’12
Chris and Jimmie-Gaye (d) Buono, P’03, ’07, ’07 *
Joseph and Molly Burns, P’17 *
Mark Carlisle and Dr. Susan K. Carlisle, P’00, ’04 *
Mark and Julia Casady, P’08, ’15 *
Ken and Judi Cavicchi, P’07, ’09, ’12 *
Rick ’67 and Kelly Chase, P’03, ’07 *
Peter Cheever, P’02 *
Yizhong Chen and Chenghong Xia, P’15
Ed and Penny Chrusciel, P’08, ’10, ’11 *
Peter and Nicki Clarke, P’07 *
Joe and Kathleen Conroy, P’19
Jayne Consolo, P’18
Robin Cook, P’93
John ’60 and Patricia Cooney, P’94 *
John and Barbara Corcoran, P’03
David and Lisa Cummings, P’11 *
Scott and Sally Dahlgren, P’11
Dr. Ernest J. Dellheim and Jane Dellheim, P’94, ’97 *
Dr. Claude Desjardins and Jane Desjardins, P’84, G’16
Rich Devin and Jess MacKenzie Devin, P’06 *
Charlie and Susan Donahue, P’10 *
Liz Donnenfeld, P’15 *
Doug and Donna Dreyer, P’06 *
Joe and Angela Droogan, P’09, ’11 *
David Duston and Alice Carter Duston ’55, P’82 *
Charles Elliott, P’15 *
Tim and Gail Evjenth, P’02 *
Mark and Donna Exter, P’97 *
Carol Fazio, P’96 *
Dr. Joyce L. Ferris, P’81, ’85
Jack and Marilyn Fielder, P’98 *
John and Deborah Findley, P’13
Robert Foote, P’06, ’14 *
Edward and Marjorie Foss, P’15 *
David and Jennifer Frontero, P’17
Dino and Dianne Gallant, P’13 *
Atim George ’74, P’98 *
Perry and Valerie Gillies, P’04 *
Ted and Kim Goodnow, P’07, ’16
Nat Green and Ann Scalaro-Green, P’09 *
Ellen Harrington ’70, P’93 *
Dick and Jeanne Harrington, P’07 *
Stanford and Susan Hartshorn, P’15 *
Marie Hebeler, P’12 *
Rich ’14 (HON) and Jill Henry, P’87, ’91
Karen Hess ’78, P’03 *
Diane Cummings Hill ’53, P’81, ’90 *
Tom and Jennifer Hillman, P’14
Ricky Ho and Lilian Ng, P’06, ’09
Art and Dottie Hobson, P’91, ’93, ’94
Brad and Kathy Hoffman, P’11, ’13 *
Ed Howard, P’04 *
Greg and Tracey Inman, P’12 *
Don and Karen Irving, P’00 *
Steve and Deborah Jacobs, P’02, ’04
John Jansing, P’15 *
Bob and Carolyn Johnson, P’91, ’92
Robert Johnston, P’67 *
Jeremiah and Louisa Jones, P’07 *
Jim and Sandy Karman, P’07 *
Dr. Barry J. Kemler and Joan Kemler, P’01 *
Jim Kline and Lucille Duval Kline ’54, P’79, ’82 *
Thomas and Sarah Kramlich, P’15 *
Dr. George Krasowski and Theresa Quinn, P’09, ’11
John and Wendy Kretchmer, P’06 *
Nick and Margie Kuchta, P’07, ’07 *
Don and Jean Kunz, P’07 *
Peter and Irene Labombarde, P’13 *
Dr. Bruce W. Lashley and Elaine Lashley, P’05 *
Sandy and Helen Lee, P’02
Steven ’77 and Cathy Lemieux, P’01
Richard Lewis, P’96, ’03, ’07 *
Jim Lippincott and Nancy Goguen Lippincott ’71, P’06
James and Kimberly MacPhee, P’13 *
Thomas and Ellen Mann, P’12 *
Jack and Peggy Manning, P’16
Carol Marburger, P’90
Drs. Babetta L. Marrone ’70 and Thomas Yoshida, P’11 *
Raymond and Carla Marsico, P’15 *
Frank and Margaret Mazza, P’97, ’98, ’01 *
Charles ’51 and Florence McAlister, P’81 *
Chris and Sharon McCarthy, P’14 *
Tim and Erika McCormick, P’08 *
Joseph Meyer (d), P’49
Wolfgang and Dorothy Millbrandt, P’00 *
Henry Minor and Caryl Burton Wright Minor ’58, P’84, G’16 *
Jay and Joyce Moody, P’85 *
Matt and Laureen Moran, P’07
Stephen and Judy Muller, P’87, ’90 *
Nestor and Anne Nicholas, P’91 *
Richard Nickless ’49 (d) and Barbara McQueen Nickless ’50, P’70, G’02
Lori Nix, P’15
Robert and Brenda O’Brien, P’12 *
Barbara O’Neill, P’14, ’14
Robert and Marsha Page, P’88 *
Daniel and Allison Parsley, P’15 *
Ed and Rhonda Pierce, P’99, ’02 *
Harry and Missy Powers, P’05, ’08, ’14 *
Lillian Proveaux, P’17
Barry and Carolyn Ralston, P’14 *
Franklin Redd ’74 and Dr. Sharon Redd, P’06, ’11
Dr. Vincent Reppucci and Michele Pallai, P’11 *
Rob and Mary Beth Rockwell, P’09 *
Dave and Leanne Royal, P’97, ’01, ’07 *
Bryan and Nancy Ruez, P’07 *
Magnus and Nancy Ryde, P’14 
Joseph and Sheryl Sargent, P’15 *
Steven and Carol Sarro, P’11 *
Kerby ’67 and Lisa Saunders, P’04, ’05 *
Barry and Sue Schneider, P’14 
Marty and Bette Shapiro, P’80, ’88
Willard Shattuck III ’62 and Jane Woodruff Shattuck ’65, P’90 *
Dr. Michael C. Sheff ’56 and Barbara Sheff, P’87 *
Dan and Dyan Sierra, P’13 *
Carla Singer, P’07 
Jim and Claudia Smith, P’09 *
Myung Ho Son and Amy Lee, P’16 
Drs. David Stein and Paula Torres-Stein, P’03 
Dr. Robert Stipek and Anna Maria Alberghini, P’13 *
Martin and Davida Stocklan, P’92 
David and Pam Streeter, P’13 *
Alan and Elizabeth Suero, P’04 
Cecile Torrey, P’85 
David and Jean Tracy, P’06, ’08 *
Bill and Sue Troy, P’10, ’11 *
Maria Amelia Wald, P’15 
Whit and Leslie Wales, P’00, ’07
Dan and Marcia Wasser, P’12 *
Chris ’56 and Karen Watkins, P’88 *
Bill and Marcy Wenning, P’00, ’06 *
Ron and Rose White, P’01 *
Bob and Pat Whitmore, P’00 *
Peter Whitney ’64, P’88, ’00, G’17
Edward and Nancy Whittemore, P’95
Harry and Sue Wight, P’06 *
Thomas Wise and Justine Woolner-Wise, P’15 *
Sara Yeager, P’06 *
Jack and Marcia Young, P’13 *
Robert Young ’69, P’99, ’05 *

*Royal Penguin Society members


Alice Aieskoll
Paul Basile and Leela Bakshi
Barbara A. Beebe *
Dorothy S. Benham
Tim and Amy Berry
Richard and Dolores Boettcher *
Joe and Cynthia Brady
Francis and Dolores Colecchi
John C. Custer *
Jo Dibenedepto
Nick Dolton
Douglas and Mari Dubiel
Gil and Linna Ettinger
Charles Fischer *
Kristen Kelly Fisher *
Cheryl J. Ganz
Barbara L. Goodwin
David Greene
Andrea Hobson
Farah Hoepfl
Sydney R. Hofer
Dale and Gale Keiter
Debra Knutti
Pearl G. Libenson
Sarah Manow
Joseph and Margaret Marzilli
Michael and Nancy Mello
Tim Morse *
Maria Peters
Michael and Marlene Rees
Thomas and Albina Sacco
Rob Siano
Jung Min “Jimmy” Son ’16
Heidi Woodworth

*Royal Penguin Society members

Organizations & Corporations

(Includes matching gifts)
47 Seaside Boutique
Adaptive Communications
Aetna Foundation
Alexander Charitable Remainder Trust
Allied Printing Services Charitable Foundation
Anthony Joseph Real Estate LLC
Anthony’s Liquor Mart
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation
Ashburnham Wine & Spirits Co.
Assured Guaranty Corp.
B.C. Enterprises Hobbies
Baird Foundation, Inc.
Bank of America Foundation, Inc.
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Big Steve’s $3 Car Wash
BNY Mellon Community Partnership
The Boston Foundation
Bright Funds Foundation
Brothers Pizza & Grill
Bruce’s Watch and Jewelry
Bundy Family Foundation
Byham Charitable Foundation
Camelot Lane LLC
Chapdelaine Truck Center
Cookies By Design, Inc.
DoubleTree Hotel by Hilton
Douglas Cramer Foundation
Dunkin’ Donuts
E.G. Watkins Family Foundation
Edward G. Watkins Foundation
Essex County Community Foundation
Ettinger Foundation, Inc.
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Franklin Pierce University
Frommer’s Christmas Trees, Inc.
Gardner Ale House
Gardner Cinemas
Gardner Discount Furniture
Gemvara Inc.
Great Wolf Lodge New England
Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation
Green International Affiliates, Inc.
Hebeler Foundation
Hometown Barbers
Hui Hoy and Chow Sin Lan Charity Foundation
International Golf Club & Resort
Jansing-Cook Foundation
Joseph Marzilli Trust
L.M. Reid Group, LLC
Lewis M. & Esther Perlstein Family Foundation
Lowell Corporation
Lucky Dragon II
M & M Transport Services, Inc.
Marquis George MacDonald Foundation, Inc.
Marvin Neitzel Corporation
McCarthy Realty Trust
Merck Foundation
Morgan Stanley
Morse Photography
Nate Berkus Entertainment
Network for Good
North Star Foundation
Northwestern Mutual Foundation
NXKF Forrester Family Resource Trust
One Step Forward Education Foundation
Peter R. Corbino Living Trust
Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #4
Priscilla Candy Shop
Raccio Insurance Agency, Inc.
Richard and Barbara Rovit Family Foundation, Inc.
Rick’s Auto Repair & Service, Inc.
Robert S. Stipek, D.P.M.
Rochester Area Community Foundation
Rockefeller Trust Company
Sacred Tree Massage & Bodywork
Samson Medical Technologies LLC
Schwab Charitable Fund
Shepherd Foundation
Simplex Business Solutions, Inc.
State Street Foundation, Inc.
The Steamship Authority
Stiller Family Foundation
Studio 4 Pottery
Surroundings Gallery & Custom Framing, Inc.
Tavern on Central/McNally’s
TD Bank, N.A.
Theodore Barton, M.D.
Tim’s Fabricators, Inc.
Trading Post Music, Inc.
UBS National Philanthropic Trust
United Technologies Corporation
United Way of Greater Rochester
United Way of Rhode Island
Village Pizza
Wachusett Brewing Company
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Wequassett Resort and Golf Club
White Sylvania Charitable Trust
Windover Construction
Wright Family Trust
Xerox Foundation
Young’s Bicycle Shop

Honorary Gifts

In Honor of Lauren N. Dellheim Ainsworth ’94
Dr. Ernest J. Dellheim and Jane Dellheim
In Honor of Nicole L. Auslander ’16
William and Heidi Auslander
In Honor of Dick Davidson
Martha Heavenrich Feferman ’66
In Honor of Rachel L. Dellheim-Simon ’97
Dr. Ernest J. Dellheim and Jane Dellheim
In Honor of Paul F. Dowling ’15 (HON)
James and Kimberly MacPhee
Randall Sussman ’81
In Honor of Mr. and Mrs. W. Gardner Edwards
Leslie Edwards Vincent ’71
In Honor of Stephanie A. Elliott ’15
Charles Elliott
In Honor of the Faculty & Staff
Nancy Stackpole Coffin ’44
Franklin P. Wilson ’59
In Honor of Deborah A. Gustafson
Matt and Laureen Moran
Youjun Zhang and Chengyun Li
In Honor of Wayne T. Hancock ’15 (HON)
David W. Donohue ’06
Ryan L. Duff ’06
Alex J. Pientka ’01
Ed and Rhonda Pierce
Harry and Sue Wight
In Honor of Scott A. Harlin ’16
Dr. Stuart A. Harlin and Jill Harlin
In Honor of David D. Hindle
Norman J. MacDonald IV ’15
In Honor of Nancy Holmes
I-Ching “Dennis” Wang ’96
In Honor of Stephen A. Jacobs
Robert P. Allen ’97
Joshua J. Bernard ’08
Thomas J. Bivona ’86
Roger H. Brooks, Jr. ‘69
John R. Butler, Jr. ’04
Derek P. Clark ’90
Daniel L. Fontas ’98
Kevin J. Jacobs ’90
Daniel M. Logan ’88
Keith A. Longo ’04
Nicholas R. Louras ’05
Thomas L. Massie II ’08
Brad M. Nizwantowski ’99
James J. Philbin ’96
Michael P. Philbin ’98 and Thia M. Connolly-Philbin ’98
Scott ’88 and Christyn Whitney
In Honor of Jocelyn G. Labombarde ’13
Peter and Irene Labombarde
In Honor of Margaret H. Lee
I-Ching “Dennis” Wang ’96
In Honor of Dex L. Lewis ’96
Richard Lewis
In Honor of Shantih C. Lewis ’03
Richard Lewis
In Honor of Whitney R. Lewis ’07
Richard Lewis
In Honor of Nelson A. McLean
Nathaniel C. Lyon ’58
In Honor of Ashley C. Neiswender ’17
J.R. and Jane Ann Neiswender
In Honor of Morgan E. Neiswender ’17 
J.R. and Jane Ann Neiswender
In Honor of Patrick R. Neiswender ’18
J.R. and Jane Ann Neiswender
In Honor of Kristen P. Odorico ’16
Heather Wright-Ojha ’84
In Honor of Michelle M. Salvucci
Dr. Barry J. Kemler and Joan Kemler
In Honor of Wayne F. Sanborn ’99 (HON)
Joshua J. Bernard ’08
Roger H. Brooks, Jr. ’69
John R. Butler, Jr. ’04
Robert J. Duca ’80
Daniel L. Fontas ’98
Brad M. Nizwantowski ’99
In Honor of Aaron E. Santos ’06
Drew S. Wenning ’06
In Honor of Cheryl M. Storm ’16 (HON)
Ashley M. Zimmerman ’05
In Honor of Christopher Torino
Sylvia Adasko Lilienthal ’40
In Honor of Brett J. Torrey ’85
Dr. Mark D. Desjardins ’84
William J. O’Hearn
Raccio Insurance Agency, Inc.
In Honor of William F. Troy
Joshua J. Bernard ’08
Roger H. Brooks, Jr. ’69
John R. Butler, Jr. ’04
Daniel L. Fontas ’98
Brad M. Nizwantowski ’99
In Honor of O. Blossom Truel ’17
Tim and Amy Berry
In Honor of Adam G. Wagman ’16
James Wagman and Anne Landsman
In Honor of William H. Wenning, Jr.
Travis M. Kessock ’97
Drew S. Wenning ’06 

Boards, Councils, Event Hosts, and Volunteers

Boards & Councils

Richard J. Harrington, P’07, Chairman
Westport, Connecticut
Jeremy A. Duffy ’89, Vice-Chairman
Providence, Rhode Island
Scott A. Whitney ’88, P’17, Treasurer
Houston, Texas
Donald R. Irving, P’00, Assistant Treasurer
Alton Bay, New Hampshire
Amy T. Logan, Clerk
Waltham, Massachusetts
M. Elizabeth Akers, P’10, ’13, ’17
Bolton, Massachusetts
Hiroyuki Arita, P’19
Tokyo, Japan
Melissa Irving Christensen ’00
Bow, New Hampshire
Colette de Labry
West Palm Beach, Florida
I. Bradley Hoffman, P’11, ’13
East Hartford, Connecticut
Kristen Kelly Fisher
Palm Beach, Florida
Carol D. Schaefer, G’17
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
Charles V. Schaefer III, G’17
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
Stacy L. Silverman ’04
Brooklyn, New York
Hendrick Sin ’92
Hong Kong
Peter A. Snyder ’90    
Alexandria, Virginia
Sue H. Wight, P’06
Carlisle, Massachusetts
Robert A. Young ’69, P’99, ’05
Nantucket, Massachusetts
Trustee Emeriti
Yoshihiro Azuma, P’86, ’91, ’92
Jane C. Barber, P’94, ’96
Franklin W. Baumgartner ’45, P’75, ’77
Marc A. Bingham, P’07, ’10
The Honorable Andre A. Gelinas, P’82, ’93, ’97
Dr. Joseph C. Hill, P’81, ’90
Dr. James R. Hollowood, P’01
Theodore L. Iorio, P’95
Donald R. Irving, P’00
Dr. Richard Kleefield, P’83
M. Kerby Saunders ’67, P’04, ’05
Ronald M. Stuart ’65
Vernon R. Tate ’57
Mark E. Tuller, P’02
Thamnoon Wanglee, P’85, ’87, ’88
Edward G. Watkins ’56, P’88

The following volunteer groups include partial-year members.
Headmaster’s Advisory Board
Tarek S. Al Naqeeb ’04
George D. Anderson ’56
Christopher R. Behne ’03
Johanna F. Chanin ’79
James B. Cheever ’02
Tin Hang “Tyler” Chu ’06
Aaron G. Earls ’90
Chun Hei “Michael” Ho ’06
R. Mohammad Iman Kusumo ’88
Anthony J. Mallozzi IV ’01
Jay H. Massirman ’76
Lisa Nam, P’13, ’14
C. John Napolitano ’98
Mary M. O’Neill ’13
S. Christopher Park ’68
Andrew J. Richardson ’10
Nathaniel L. Sahn ’93
Sisy Shen, P’15
Stacy L. Silverman ’04
Alumni Council
Roger H. Brooks ’69
Anna S. Choi ’82
Cullen Goodyear Concannon ’89
Arthur J. Coulombe ’69
David F. Farnham ’77
John R. Frey ’06
Ellen F. Harrington ’70, P’93
Thomas E. Jaffa ’70
Roderick C. Kellett ’87
Chelsea Cummings Koski ’03
James P. Kraskouskas ’65
Robin Lockwood Hall ’78, P’16
Anthony J. Mallozzi IV ’01
Carolyn I. Marr ’58
Peter E. Metcalf, Jr. ’98
Wayne C. Scroggs ’75
Matt G. Siegel ’82
Elizabeth J. Smith ’78
Sintayehu M. Taye ’08
Brett J. Torrey ’85
Elliott Q. Ventura ’78
Joan Wilson White ’48
Esther New Young ’85
Young Alumni Council
Tia M. Alliy ’11
John R. Butler, Jr. ’04
Britney A. Carr ’00
Melissa Irving Christensen ’00
Jamie B. Corcoran ’03
Ryan L. Duff ’06
Meghan F. Duggan ’06
Katharine K. Foote ’06
John R. Frey ’06
Chelsea Cummings Koski ’03
Beth Achille Lambert ’98
Kathleen Zimmerman Marlow ’99
Hayley M. Moore ’04
Alexandra C. Moroch ’06
Friederike E. H. Recker ’08
Carlie J. Smith ’06
Lauren Jacobs Toomy ’04
Marina G. Vernon ’07
Lindsay A. Wilde ’05
Jenny C. Zirinsky ’06
Class Agents
Alan B. Crocker ’68
Thomas L. Doughton ’66
Lillian Prakelt Goss ’51
William K. Kelly ’90
Robin Lockwood Hall ’78, P’16
Michael B. Nadler ’06
James A. Rondeau ’65
Carleton E. Saunders ’65
Jane Woodruff Shattuck ’65, P’90
John E. Shirey ’68
Esther New Young ’85
Parents for Cushing
Scott and Kim Samson, P’16, ’19, Co-Chair
Thomas and Lee Ann Fital, P’17, Co-Chair
Eric and Katharine Abrahamson, P’19
Carl and Heidi Borella, P’19
David Bourdelais and Susan Wadsworth, P’15, ’17
Mark Burke and Dr. Jane L. Burke, P’16, ’16, ’18
James and Karen Cheverie, P’17
Dr. Gregory R. Ciottone and Amalia Voskanyan, P’16, ’17
Brendan and Maria Coppinger, P’19
Eric and Maryann Ekberg, P’17, ’19
Andrew and Melissa Engel, P’19
Julia Blair Forrester, P’16, ’17
Rachel Grimaldi, P’15, ’19
Desh and Phuong Hindle, P’19  
John and Barbara Kelly, P’11, ’13, ’17
Mirabelle Kirkland, P’19
John and Darleen Lessard, P’18
Norman and Becky MacDonald, P’15, ’17
Jim and Kelly Maillett, P’16, ’16, ’18, ’18
Scott and Nicki Malboeuf, P’15, ’19 
Gina Martin, P’15, ’17
Doug and Melissa O’Donnell, P’19
Mark and Darlene Stoever, P’18
Daniel and Kerrin Tammik, P’18
Patricia Vorfeld, P’17

Event Hosts & Volunteers

Celebrate Cushing Auction Extravaganza
The Kelly Family
John and Barbara Kelly, P’11, ’13, ’17
Kristen Kelly Fisher
Cushing Academy Annual Golf Tournament
The Sullivan Family
George and Tammy Sullivan, P’11
Asia Fall 2015
Shanghai, China
Chun Hei “Michael” Ho ’06
Yun “Cherry” Zhang ’09
Cen “Kayco” Zhou ’09
Hong Kong
Hendrick Sin ’92
Jakarta, Indonesia
Sony Hassan and Inong Razali, P’16
Raditya D. Sidharta ’89 and Dina Sidharta, P’18
Setiawan T. Widjojo ’88 and Sari Widjojo, P’16
Tokyo, Japan
Taro Fujikawa ’93
Tomoo Ohyama ’91
Seoul, South Korea
Ji-Ho Hyun ’90
Seungho “Sean” Lee ’92
Taipei, Taiwan
Ann-Chia Wang ’91
Wen-Shan “Duncan” Wang ’88
Bangkok, Thailand
Romani “Nan” Boondicharern ’03
Asia Winter 2016
Beijing, China
Dr. Bo Li and Sisy Shen, P’15
Guangzhou, China
Zongru He and Candy Zeng, P’18
Shanghai, China
Sen Chung Chau and Amy Chen, P’16
Shenzhen, China
Hua Zeng and Hong Du, P’18
Hong Kong
Chris Ho and Betsy Leung, P’18
Chun Hei “Michael” Ho ’06
Hong Kong Alumni and Parents Council
Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Mothers Association
Hiroshi and Teruko Uemura, P’16
Seoul, South Korea
Korean Mothers Association
Dr. Seok Beom Lee and Jeong Sun Lee, P’17
United States
Phoenix, Arizona
Andrew K. Hobson ’93
Doreen Hobson McPaul ’91
Denise Hobson Ryan ’94
Oakland, California
Philip S. Raskin ’76
Washington, District of Columbia
Peter A. Snyder ’90 and Burson Snyder
Miami, Florida
Samuel A. Getz ’75, P’07, ’10
Jay H. Massirman ’76
Naples, Florida
Patrice H. Worcester ’79
West Palm Beach, Florida
Edward G. Watkins ’56 and Karen Watkins, P’88
Chicago, Illinois
Tom O’Neill, P’13
New York, New York
Timothy B. Briggs ’05
Christine d. Rault ’07
Joe and Celeste Rault, P’07
Syracuse, New York
Matt G. Siegel ’82
Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Marty and Mini Young, P’13, ’13, ’16
Providence, Rhode Island
Jeremy A. Duffy ’89 and Julie Duffy
Dallas, Texas
Elliott Q. Ventura ’78
Houston, Texas
Scott D. Whitney ’88 and Christyn Whitney, P’17
Seattle, Washington
Matthew L. Cone ’81
Thomas E. Jaffa ’70 

Cushing Academy

39 School Street
Ashburnham, Massachusetts 01430

Cushing Academy

Cushing Academy is a coed, college preparatory day and boarding school for grades 9-12 and PG. Our students, who come from over 30 states and 30 countries, excel in and out of the classroom through outstanding academic, art and athletic offerings. Visit our welcoming community and beautiful 162-acre campus in Ashburnham, Mass., one hour from Boston, to experience all that Cushing has to offer.