Parent FAQs

List of 21 frequently asked questions.

  • If my child plays sports and I’d like to take him home after a game, can I? Do I have to notify school in advance?

    You may take your child home after a game.  They will need to fill out the off-campus permission forms prior to leaving campus. At away games you will need to let the coach know that your child is coming home with you and not going back to campus on the bus.
  • Is there a laundry room in each dorm?

    Yes.  There are laundry facilities in every dormitory.
  • How much space is under the bed?  Should we bring storage bins?

    Most beds can be adjusted so there is plenty of room under beds. Storage bins are suggested.  You may also consider bed risers.
  • Is there a packing list for boarders?

    • Blankets, linens, towels, pillow. Beds are standard twin size.
    • Under-the-bed storage boxes for clean linens, etc.
    • Cell phone (AT&T has the best coverage in Ashburnham)
    • Alarm clock
    • Hair dryer, electric shaver, etc.
    • Flashlight and spare batteries
    • UL-approved, 15 amp breaker strips with multiple outlets
    • Computer – please click here for the Cushing technology requirements
    Additional Items
    • Desk supplies
    • Bookbag or backpack
    • Small basket or case for carrying toiletries to the shower
    • Small games or deck of cards
    • Photos of family and friends, posters
    • Sewing kit
    • Specialized sports equipment as needed
    • Hangers for clothing
    • Fan
    • Umbrella
    • Small plastic drawer units
    • Extension cords
    • Personal toiletries
    • Laundry bag (Note: Cushing offers a laundry service if students choose to enroll in the program.)
    • Safe or lock box  (Note: the Student Life Office will need to be able to access student safes in order to ensure the safety of all students on campus.)
    Items to Leave at Home
    • Candles, incense, and burners
    • Cloth wall, curtain or ceiling hangings
    • Coffee/tea makers, etc.
    • Electric blankets
    • Foam padding, including foam mattress pads
    • Stuffed furniture, including bean bag chairs
    • High-intensity lamps (especially halogen)
    • Hot pots/plates, popcorn poppers, toaster ovens
    • Knives, including Swiss Army
    • Large furniture
    • Matches/lighters
    • Pets of any kind
    • Refrigerators
    • Strings of decorative lights
    • Valuables/irreplaceable items
  • Can siblings go to move in day?

    Absolutely!  Family members are always welcome on campus.
  • Is there banking on campus? Nearby?

    There is an ATM machine located in the Student Center.  There are two banks (Athol Savings Bank and GFA Federal Credit Union) downtown within walking distance.  A representative from GFA will be on campus during registration.  
  • Should we get a mattress protector or is one provided?

    Mattress protectors are NOT provided.
  • Do we pick up the online ordered texts at the school store?

    Books ordered online can be picked up at the mailroom.
  • Do I have to register when I come onto campus to visit my child?

    You do not need to register to visit your child on campus.  If you take your child off campus they must follow the procedure for leaving campus with the Student Life Office.
  • How do I ship things to Cushing for my child?

    There is a mailroom located in the basement of the Main Building.  All mail and packages are delivered there.  Each student will have a mailbox.  Packages can be picked up in the mailroom. The mailing address is:

    Student Name
    Cushing Academy
    39 School Street
    Ashburnham, MA  01430
  • Where do parents go first at Registration?  Do students go to dorms first?

    Parents and students should come to the Main Building for registration.  You will receive a packet and proceed through a check-in process in the Main Building.  You will receive your dorm room key and then can move your things in your dorm room. While the boarders are moving in and unpacking, day students and their parents are invited to spend time in the Day Student Lounge.
  • Are the beds regular twin or extra-long beds?

    Most of the beds are extra-long (80").
  • Should we bring a rug for the dorm room?

    Many rooms have carpeting. Some students bring a small area rug to dress up the room.
  • Does Cushing notify students directly about their roommate?  When?

    Students learn who their roommate is at registration.
  • What size fan should we bring for each room?

    Small window fans or desk fans.
  • What do we wear for registration day?

    Dress comfortably!  Moving in often means climbing stairs and it may be hot.
  • When do I buy books?  How do I do it?

    In early to mid August, Cushing will post student schedules on MyCushing. After that, you can visit our online bookstore at MBS Direct and select the books your child needs. There's usually a period of free shipping (in 2017, it's Aug. 7 - 20). After that, you can still purchase books, but the shipping isn't free. You can have your books shipped to Cushing for pick-up in the mailroom at registration or you can have them shipped to your home, whichever is easier for you.
  • Should clothes be labeled or initialed for boarders?  Laundry?

    It is a good idea to label clothes whether using the laundry service or doing laundry in the dorms.
  • Do parents stay beyond the first day of registration?

    Registration activities take place from 9 am until about 5 pm.  There are activities scheduled for students starting around dinner.  Parents typically depart sometime in the afternoon on registration days.
  • What is the dress code for classes?

    • Clothing should promote a positive, focused learning environment
    • Clothing should promote a safe, inclusive community
    • Clothing should align with all other standards and rules of the Academy
    • Clothing should permit students to participate fully in all school activities
    • Clothing should be clean, neat and in good repair
    • Blouses, dress shirts, collared shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, some t-shirts  and Cushing sweatshirts
    • Dress pants, dresses, skirts, trousers/slacks, khakis, corduroys, cargo pants, leggings, jeans (including blue), and non-athletic shorts
    • Clothing with political messages, pictures, graphics, illegal substances, large writingand or writing on sleeves, print or graphics, offensive language, or images or language that is not in good taste
    • Athletic wear, athletic t-shirts, plain white t-shirts and undershirts
    • Clothing that is patched, torn, or in disrepair
    • Non-Cushing sweatshirts
    • Hats inside any building except Watkins Field House, Heslin Gym, Iorio Arena, and dorms
    • Shorts, dresses or skirts that are shorter than mid-thigh in length
    • Tulip shorts, pajama bottoms, and sweatpants
    • See-through clothing, exposed midriffs, shoulders or chests (including shirtless), spaghetti-strapped tank tops
    • Visible underwear (including wearing underwear as outerwear)
    • Shower shoes or shower sandals  
    Read the complete Dress Code requirements.
  • Should I send snacks and drinks with my child?  Can kids store them in their rooms?

    Yes. The Dining Hall is not always open so it’s a good idea to have some snacks and drinks in the room.  Students can order food to be delivered (pizza, calzones, subs, Chinese food) up until 10 pm.

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