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Critical Skills Across the Curriculum

Critical Skills Across the Curriculum: In English, mathematics, and study techniques — the art of learning
Academic Programs for Ages 14-18, rising 9th-12th graders

Learning is a cumulative process. Throughout our lives, we build on existing knowledge and skills to master progressively more complex operations and tasks. For this reason, the Critical Skills Across the Curriculum program is based on the belief that the process of learning is as important as the content learned. Learning how to learn may be one of the most important skills you can acquire as you prepare for greater challenges in high school, college, and life. Cushing Academy gives you the tools you need to participate more fully, enthusiastically, and successfully in your college preparatory curriculum.

The Critical Skills Across the Curriculum program encompasses three key components: study techniques, strategies to improve English language skills, and review and practice of mathematics skills. At the start of the program, we assess your academic skills and place you in appropriate English and mathematics courses. If English is not your dominant language, you will take a placement test along with students in the E.S.L. Program. If your English skills are proficient enough for success in the Critical Skills Program, you will be enrolled in Critical Skills English. If your English skills require greater fluency, you will enroll in an E.S.L. Reading and Writing class.

Once you are placed in appropriate classes, your teachers help you understand and appreciate your particular learning style and set reasonable and attainable personal goals. This approach helps you to capitalize on your strengths, recognize your weaknesses, and formulate an action plan for achieving academic success. Though you will be learning specific content in English and mathematics, study techniques are an integral component of all coursework.

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  • Reading & Writing

    This course is designed to help you strengthen your reading and writing skills. You learn a variety of reading strategies in order to build your reading efficiency. You acquire techniques that help you improve comprehension and enjoy reading. Using short fiction and novels as the basis for your reading and writing assignments, you learn the critical vocabulary necessary to analyze literature in more depth and to communicate that understanding more successfully.

    You also learn how to write clearly and concisely for various audiences and purposes. Through writing assignments based on your reading, you become familiar with the writing process, including prewriting, outlining, drafting, editing, and revising. Finally, you learn how to communicate effectively in discussions by supporting your ideas with evidence from the texts under study. Throughout the summer you are given an opportunity to interpret literature while expanding your critical reasoning skills. With consistent effort, you become a more capable writer, a more discerning reader, and a more articulate class participant. In just five weeks, not only will you more clearly and confidently articulate an organized analysis of a literary text, but you will also support it more convincingly.

  • Mathematics

    This two-hour class focuses on filling in gaps to help you progress satisfactorily during the academic year. For example, if you have mastered algebraic concepts and are able to solve equations, but you still do not have automatic arithmetic skills or want to learn better how to manipulate fractions or to determine the order of operations, this class is for you. In short, Critical Skills Mathematics helps you to develop your mathematical competence while reviewing or previewing content areas in Pre-Algebra, Algebra I or II, Geometry or Pre-Calculus.

Two Strands of Learning

Students in the Critical Skills Across the Curriculum program participate in two strands of learning. One strand focuses on the development of reading and writing, while the other focuses on mathematics. Each strand meets for two hours each weekday.

Along with study, organization, and learning strategies, each strand encompasses a range of technology skills and applications throughout the curriculum.

Teachers focus on the strategies to help you successfully approach a chapter in a text or review efficiently for a test. In all classes, we emphasize such skills as:
- study skills
- note taking
- test-taking strategies
- organization & time management
- reading strategies
- problem solving
- technology skills
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