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Afternoon Classes and Activities

Afternoon Athletic Activities

Our Afternoon Athletic Activities provide opportunities for boys and girls at all levels to build individual and team skills, increase fitness and endurance, and develop strategies and techniques in their chosen sport. Our experienced coaching staff is committed to teaching sportsmanship and teamwork in a safe, fun, and inclusive athletic environment. See the links below for detailed athletic descriptions. Note: students are required to choose a total of two afternoon classes or activities. Other options are available in the performing and visual arts, as well as in academics (see links at left margin).

For More Advanced Soccer or Basketball Players
The Competitive Athletic program provides more experienced athletes with the opportunity to play on co-ed competitive soccer or basketball teams during Summer Session. These teams will practice for one full hour each day and compete against local schools throughout the summer.
Student-athletes interested in trying out for the competitive soccer and/or basketball teams can choose this option under the Afternoon Classes and Activities section on the application.
Note: The Competitive Athletic program is selective and will hold try-outs during the first week of Summer Session. Other opportunities to participate in soccer or basketball are available in our Afternoon Athletic program and/or Evening Intramural program. 

Afternoon Athletic Activities

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  • Badminton

    The summer Badminton activity is designed to teach students of all levels the fundamental aspects of the sport. Students will learn the rules of the game, as well as shot and footwork technique. As students advance, they will further refine individual skills, improve their physical fitness, and learn game strategy and the importance of teamwork. To apply recently acquired skills and techniques, most classes will conclude with team games.
  • Basketball

    The basketball elective course objective is that every student, no matter what playing level, will learn the skills and techniques required to advance in the sport. The content and topics covered during the basketball elective include, but are not limited to, offense, defense, transitions, boxing out, shooting, ball handling, fitness, and rules. Specifically, 5 on 5 offense and defense passing, and how to correctly shoot and handle a basketball. One-on-one discussions support players who may have difficulty understanding a particular skill or strategy. 
  • Running

    The objective of this course is that every student, no matter their experience, will learn the skills necessary to become better runners. Emphasis is placed on proper training techniques, improving fitness and endurance, preparing for races, and developing a personal fitness and training plan. Students in this course will work closely with their fitness coach to achieve both short- and long-term running goals.
  • Soccer

    The Cushing Summer Soccer Program is focused on the advancement of many of the basic skills necessary to play at the highest level. Every day there is a focus on a specific skill set, and each drill/game is done with the advancement of that skill in mind. A typical day will consist of a quick stretch to start, followed by 2-3 drills designed to reinforce skills. The first drill is focused on getting the players moving; the second drill will consist of more challenging techniques to reinforce skills; and the third drill is typically focused on implementing new skills into a game-like scenario. By the end of the summer, students will have a well-developed sense of the game of soccer and gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of teamwork.
  • Spinning

    During the summer Spin class, emphasis is placed on technique, controlling the flywheel, increasing resistance, pedal cadence, and flat feet (proper technique) to maximize power transfer. By the end of the summer, students develop an appreciation for spinning and healthy lifestyle habits (exercising for life). Additionally, the students can become stronger/faster for their chosen sport, or simply improve their general fitness.
  • Strength Training

    Strength training is an introductory course designed to help each student improve muscular strength, gain knowledge and understanding of weight training theory and practice, and develop a personalized weight training program. In addition, the course aims to help students understand basic anatomy and the application of exercise physiology, gain fundamental knowledge of physiological principles, strength training benefits, strength training effects, and strength training principles. Finally, the course guides students in creating an individualized program based on personal goals, including emphasis on developing muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle size, muscle flexibility, or a combination of these objectives.
  • Tennis

    The summer tennis class is designed to teach students of all levels the fundamental aspects of the sport.  The class teaches students the rules of the game, parts of the court, tennis etiquette, and match scoring.  The students also learn, or further develop, all the different strokes in tennis, including forehand, backhand, serve, volley, overhead, return of serve, lob, and drop shot.  The different grips for each stroke and types of spins that can be used are also incorporated into the tennis strokes instruction.  Other areas that are covered include stretching exercises, tennis specific warm-ups, and training activities.  Lastly, to apply many of the new skills developed during the previous weeks, students participate in the end-of-the- summer tennis tournament (both singles and doubles). 
  • Ultimate Frisbee

    Students in Ultimate Frisbee class are introduced to the essential elements of the sport. This includes instruction and practice on throwing and catching techniques, as well as offensive and defensive game play. Moreover, the course emphasizes the heart of any team sport: teamwork and sportsmanship. Each class begins with a warm up designed to ready the athlete for the day's activities, as well as improve technique and/or overall physical fitness. Each day, new concepts, techniques, and other elements of the sport are introduced while students gain competence and understanding through various drills. Finally, each class ends with quick scrimmages where the techniques and concepts learned that day are applied in a game-like setting.
  • Volleyball

    The summer volleyball program focuses on introducing and mastering the basic skills necessary to understand and play the sport. Through a series of demonstrations, drills, game-like scenarios, and scrimmages, students are able to demonstrate proficiency in passing, setting, serving, hitting, and blocking. The program is tailored to each student’s skill level to allow for proper challenge and growth. The program concludes with a Student vs. Faculty volleyball game—a great way to highlight their skills during a fun and exciting community event.
  • Yoga

    In this class, students utilize yoga practices to become more physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. This class presents various techniques in yoga, with the goal of developing core strength and lung capacity through careful breathing. The emphasis in this class is on asana practice, which refers to poses and postures designed to develop flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance. Emphasis is placed on correct alignment and safe practice. Yoga students learn the concepts of physical fitness, identify stress reduction techniques, gain an increased ability to concentrate, and develop a Personal Fitness Plan to support a lifetime of fitness.
  • Zumba

    In the summer Zumba course, each class includes an eight-minute warm up, thirty-five minutes of intense aerobic dancing, and then a cool down song to stretch. Every few days, new songs are added to keep the class entertaining. The songs are interactive, with various rhythms and styles to give students the opportunity to experience many of the typical Zumba exercises and techniques.  
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