Summer Session 2021
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Immerse Program

English immersion program for students entering 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade

Recognized throughout the world for excellence in teaching and learning, Cushing’s online Immerse Program for English Language Learners is highly recommended for international students who plan to continue their education in the United States.

For successful completion of the Immerse program, students should expect to spend between 18-23 hours per week on coursework.

By enrolling in the online Immerse program, you can significantly increase your English proficiency. Small class sizes and skilled, supportive teachers are the keys to the success of this program. Faculty in this program have extensive experience teaching, both during the academic year and during Summer Session Online. For this reason, we can create homogeneous classes tailored to meet your needs. You are tested soon after enrolling to be sure you are placed in the correct level of instruction. In addition, teachers meet regularly to discuss your progress and facilitate placement changes, if needed, as your skills improve during the program.

Each level of the online Immerse Program includes an emphasis on listening and speaking, reading and writing, and English language workshops.

Listening and Speaking
The Listening and Speaking component of this course helps students at all levels to develop academic vocabulary and increase confidence in spoken English. Using a wide array of themes and class activities, beginning level students build fluency by listening for central ideas, understanding important and relevant details, and making inferences from the text or narrative. Intermediate level students learn important language usage and develop the basic skills of everyday conversation in various real-life scenarios. The advanced level challenges students in a more academic setting with a focus on taking comprehensive notes, organizing and synthesizing information, and building discussion and listening comprehension skills in various settings.

Reading and Writing
The Reading and Writing component of this course helps students at all levels to develop critical comprehension and compositional skills. Beginning level students read a series of popular books to help build their fluency and understanding, as well as their vocabulary. Basic writing skills are developed using grammar and mechanics to construct topic and concluding sentences, among other essay components. Intermediate students expand their reading skills using various media sources, including newspapers, websites, periodicals, and essays. Writing skills at this level will employ more advanced grammar and mechanics to enhance paragraph and short essay development. Advanced students continue to develop close reading skills, including literary analysis and comprehension through short stories, poems, and mini-novels. Writing skills progress through longer assignments, including the development of comprehensive introductions, sequenced body paragraphs, and effective conclusions. Students at the advanced level are also expected to improve their work through the revision process.

English Language Workshops
The English Language Workshops focus on public speaking, argument and debate, creative writing, and American culture. The public speaking sessions include reading, viewing, and reciting excerpts from well-known speeches. Daily activities improve enunciation, volume, rate, tone, and eye contact. Students will then use these skills to write, revise, and deliver an original speech. The argument and debate sessions include close research on a given topic, working cooperatively with your team to develop an argument, and gaining communication skills through discourse and expression. The creative writing sessions introduce the elements of short stories (plot, setting, characters), narrative essays, poems, and other common genres in this style. Using this information, students will write, revise, and present an original story or essay that is peer-reviewed and evaluated at the end of the program. Lastly, the American culture workshop uses American film, music, art, television, and other media sources to help students learn and understand specific idioms, dialects, and colloquial expressions, as well as non-verbal communication.
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