Alumni Mentoring Program

The Cushing Academy Mentorship Program is designed to develop voluntary, one-on-one relationships among Cushing alumni to share knowledge, skill-sets, and perspectives.  The mentors will work to inspire excellence, be a role model, be an advisor, and be a coach to provide the mentee with opportunities to build his/her network, expand horizons, find new opportunities, and explore potential careers.  The mentor and mentee will form a supportive, professional relationship based upon the shared experience of attending Cushing Academy.
To match Cushing alumni in a mentor-mentee relationship in order to provide quality career development opportunities while deepening and sustaining relationships within our alumni community.
  • Develop a committed, reciprocal, respectful relationship with your mentee.  Please commit to providing your mentee the mutually-agreed upon time, energy, and expectations, therefore setting the framework for a successful and productive relationship. 
  • Be willing to get to know your mentee on a personal level in order to make the conversations interesting and rewarding.  Do not rely solely on “shop talk” to sustain the mentor-mentee relationship. 
  • Be willing to be a resource for your mentee.  Allow your personal and business experiences to help you to teach and advise while providing your mentee with a fresh perspective.  Share your professional contacts; introduce your mentee to new people, places, and ideas; and provide professional feedback. 
  • Be a source of encouragement in helping your mentee develop and achieve realistic and meaningful professional goals. 
  • Assist Cushing in continuing to improve upon the mentorship program by filling out a survey at the “end” of the mentor-mentee relationship.
  • Be committed to a reciprocal, respectful relationship where you work within the times you and your mentor have agreed upon.  Hold to your commitments and put forth the appropriate effort to make the relationship a productive and rewarding one. 
  • Respectful of your mentor’s experiences, contacts, etc. 
  • Listen to your mentor’s advice, take the time to review that advice, and be open-minded in your discussions. 
  • Follow through on any job shadowing or internships the mentor has assisted in securing for you. 
  • Assist Cushing in continuing to improve upon the mentorship program by filling out a survey at the “end” of the mentor-mentee relationship
  • Athletics
    • Collegiate coach
    • High school coach (public and prep school)
    • Independent school athletic administration
    • Marketing
    • Olympic athlete
    • Operations
    • Public relations
    • Sales
  • Aviation
    • Helicopter pilot
  • Auto Industry
    • Regional dealership manager
  • Business
    • Family business owner
    • Research and development
    • Sales (multiple disciplines)
  • Communications and Marketing
    • Broadway show marketing
    • Marketing and advertising
    • Publishing and graphic design
  • Culinary
  • Education
    • Funding a youth hostel
    • Higher education administration
  • Federal Agent
    • IRS
    • Department of Defense Contractor
  • Finance
    • Financial advising
  • Health & Wellness / Medical
    • Mental health
    • Public health
    • Neurologist
    • Relationship management
  • Management
    • Hotel
    • Utility
  • Media
    • News Anchor
    • Trailer / TV spot production
    • Entertainment marketing
  • Non-profit
  • Politics
    • City Council
    • Social Service
  • Public sector
    • Business manager for DPW
  • Real estate
    • Residential
    • Resort
    • Retail investments
  • Technology
    • Technology advisor
    • Project management software and specialty hardware
    • Software and tech start-ups
*This list will be regularly updated as new mentors join the program
If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact the Alumni Office at  You will be paired with a mentee on an as needed / available basis.
If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please contact the Alumni Office at  Even if you do not see the career you’re interested in, please reach out to April.  We will work towards finding a Cushing alumnus/a in that field who is willing to become a mentor.  You do not need to be a young alumnus/a to take advantage as we know career changes happen and we want this program to be of assistance to you as well.
We are in particular need of experienced alumni in the following areas as we have young alumni with interests in them:
  • International/global non-profits (the alumnus has a goal being to own company selling foods with a charitable background)
  • Pharmaceutical or medical device engineering
  • Silicon Valley technology field within manufacturing related to semiconductor industry, consumer electronics, or technology infrastructure
  • Public health
We've created a few documents that may help you get started with mentoring.

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