History and Future of Cushing

History and Future of Cushing

Let’s take you back to 1850 when Thomas Parkman Cushing (1787-1854), a successful Boston merchant, outlined plans for a school in his last will and testament:

Ten years after his death, once his funds had increased as he’d instructed, the Trustees applied for a charter to found a school. This was granted in 1865 and in 1875 Cushing Academy welcomed both boys and girls to begin an academic adventure of achievement.

We have continued to honor Cushing’s wish for over 150 years, shaping our students into curious, creative, and confident learners, ready to take on the world.


The Future of Cushing Academy

In 2017, Cushing began a 5-year strategic plan, Embracing Our Legacy and Positioning For Our Future, with the view of developing a stronger and more sustainable future for Cushing Academy.

Nine strategic initiatives were identified in the Plan, organized around Student Experience, ensuring the best possible education and experience for each student, and Institutional Sustainability, focused on building a stronger foundation for the future.

The end of the 2022 academic year signals the completion of this Plan and the progress made would not have been possible without the deep commitment and generosity of all who have supported and invested in Cushing Academy. 

Below, we are pleased to share a detailed Final Report outlining the objectives and outcomes for each initiative in our 2017-22 Strategic Plan:



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