A Cushing Academy education is an investment in a child's future - renowned for our leading academics, arts, athletics programs, extensive academic support program, and exceptional student life opportunities.

Tuition + Fees: 2024/25

 BoardingDay StudentDescription
Tuition$75,500$51,050Includes fees for on-campus activities, technology, athletics, and publications.
Enrollment Deposit10% of Net Tuition*10% of Net Tuition*Non-refundable but credited towards tuition.
*Enrollment deposit for domestic students living outside the United States is 25% of Net Tuition and 30% for international students.
Tuition Insurance4.85% of Net Tuition + Fees4.85% of Net Tuition + FeesMandatory if tuition is not paid in full by June 1. Click here for details about Tuition Insurance.



Additional Program Fees:

Academic Support - Standard$10,100
Academic Support - Coaching (1:1)$18,750
English as a Second Language (ESL)$7,775
ESL + Academic Support - Standard$15,800
International Enrollment$5,200
International Student Health Insurance
(Required for international students without US-based health insurance)
$2,495 / 10 Months
$2,785 / 12 Months
Domestic Student Health Insurance
(Required for domestic students without US-based health insurance)
$4,345 / 10 Months
$4,825 / 12 Months
Health Center Fee$435 — Boarding
$220 — Day

The enrollment deposit will be applied first to student health insurance and the international fee, if applicable. The remainder of the enrollment deposit will then be applied to tuition.

Cushing will refund ESL/Academic Support fees on a pro-rata basis if a student fulfills the program requirements during the academic year.

The Health Center Fee covers services provided by the health center to students, such as those services rendered by the nurses on duty, medication nurse as needed, a nurse practitioner, the medical director, and other staff during day and night. The fee also covers basic health assessments and remedies administered by the center, including first aid and emergency care. Please note: this fee does not cover insurance. All students must provide proof of health insurance coverage with a US-based company. Click here for more information about our student health insurance policy at Cushing.

Some science and art courses carry additional fees for supplies.

International Enrollment and Health Insurance fees are due at the same time as the Enrollment Deposit.


Financial Aid

Cushing is proud to offer financial aid to qualifying students.


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