School Policies

School Policies

Cushing academy has a range of policies and procedures in place to ensure the continued safety and happiness of all students and staff.

Community Handbook 

The Community Handbook outlines the expectations and rules of the Academy, including those referenced below, as well as a number of important facts and helpful community resources. It covers all aspects of the student experience including residential and day student life, student leadership, and academic expectations. The Community Handbook is required reading for all Penguins and reflects the shared values and standards of the entire Cushing community.

The Community Handbook can be accessed through MyCushing.


Community Conduct

Students should be aware that they represent the Cushing community at all times, both on and away from campus. Conduct, behavior, and decisions that violate the law, reflect poorly upon the Academy, violate the Honor Code, or violate Cushing’s Major School rules—whether committed in school or elsewhere, while school is in session or not—may be cause for disciplinary actions, including suspension and dismissal. Cushing Academy views its discipline process and responses as a guide to educate students, individuals, and the community to growth.

Cushing Academy is committed to respecting and protecting the personal dignity of all its students and community members. 

Cushing Academy does not tolerate:

  • Bullying
  • Cyberbullying
  • General harassment
  • Hazing
  • Sexual harassment and misconduct

For full descriptions of Cushing’s policies, disciplinary process, and more, please consult our Community Handbook.

Honor Code and Honor Council 

At the beginning of each academic year, the entire student body affirms shared values and to uphold the precepts of the Cushing Honor Code, which is overseen by the Student Honor Council. During this formal ceremony, each student signs his or her name in the Honor Code Book as a permanent record and commitment.

Cushing Academy Honor Code

As a member of Cushing Academy’s diverse student body, I recognize that trust and honesty form the foundation of our community. Therefore, I pledge to uphold the Honor Code in all aspects of my life: I will be truthful in my interactions and will demonstrate respect for others and their belongings, as well as those of the Academy. Furthermore, I will maintain high standards of academic honesty in accordance with Cushing’s policies and the expectations of my teachers and peers. If I observe or become aware that a member of the community has violated or intends to violate the Honor Code, I will act decisively to preserve the integrity of the Academy.

I seek an environment in which all individuals can live and learn together in ways that protect personal freedom and community standards. Therefore, as a student at Cushing Academy, I accept my responsibilities as outlined in the Honor Code and will do my utmost to uphold its precepts.

Virtute et Numine

For more information about the Honor Code and Honor Council, please consult the Community Handbook.

Dress Code Policy

Cushing Academy students are expected to follow our dress code policy, which is explained in detail within the Community Handbook. During all hours when classes are in session, students are expected to abide by academic dress expectations. Attire that does not meet these criteria is also described in the handbook.

Cushing Academy expects that all students will dress in a way that respects the atmosphere of learning and sets a proper tone for the primary purpose of school. While students have more flexibility in their clothing choices outside of the academic day, attire should remain consistent with the overall values and expectations of the Academy.

As a school, the Academy expects that: 

  • Clothing should promote a positive, focused learning environment. 
  • Clothing should promote a safe, inclusive community. 
  • Clothing should align with all other standards and rules of the Academy. 
  • Clothing should permit students to participate fully in all school activities. 
  • Clothing should be clean, modest, and respectful.

Special academic dress is required for certain dinners and other gatherings as announced. Students are expected to choose attire that shows respect for these events. Please consult the Community Handbook for a full description of special academic dress guidelines.

Acceptable Use Policy

Cushing Academy maintains a computer network and computer systems to provide the students, faculty, and staff of Cushing with access to a host of resources, both at Cushing and on the Internet. The Cushing Academy network is a private network owned by the Academy and was established to support the school's educational mission and business operations. The network is viewed as an extension of the Cushing community and all standards of behavior outlined in the Community Handbook also apply to activities on the network.

Students are expected to use the network in a mature, ethical, and responsible manner. Personal use is allowed but Cushing Academy reserves the right to limit access. Access to the Cushing Academy Network is a privilege and not a right.

For more information about Cushing’s policies on technology and social media use, please consult the Community Handbook.