At Cushing Academy, our Health Services team takes pride in providing 24/7 medical support to our students. Our team of licensed professionals are committed to delivering top-quality care in a warm and welcoming environment.

Health Services Available 24/7

Cushing Academy Health Services is a 24-hour, 7 days-a week clinic run by Director of Health + Wellness Jessica Patria and a staff of licensed nurses. Our health services team also includes Shannon Hurley, APRN, who is in the clinic Monday - Friday from 8 am - 4 pm and Medical Director Dr. Michael Mutchler, who visits the clinic twice a week.

New Health + Wellness CenterThe on-campus Health Center, located within Schotland House, includes two exam rooms and six overnight beds. The Counseling Office is located on the upper level of the Main Building. Health Services is looking forward to the completion of the new Wellness Center — slated to be completed in Spring of 2024 — which will bring the Health Center and Counseling Offices under one roof. 

Services Offered

  • Medication administration and management 
  • Triage of ill and injured students 
  • Vaccine administration 
  • Referral coordination (x-rays, physical therapy, off-campus medical provider) 
  • Lab services on-site including phlebotomy, flu A&B, COVID, strep, mono, pregnancy, and urine.


Meet The Team

In addition to the team above, Health Services also employs a part-time and per-diem pool of Academy-trained registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to meet the needs of our students. 


Family Resources

Magnus HealthAvailable in MyCushing

  • Magnus Health Portal
    Magnus Health is where families upload medical information, forms, and immunization records. To access Magnus Health, look for the Magnus Health logo in the MyCushing resource board. 
  • Health Services Guide
    The Health Services Guide provides general information about health services offered at Cushing Academy, as well as health policies and procedures on campus.



Additional Online Resources

  • Student Health Insurance Information
    Cushing Academy requires all students to have coverage with a US-based health insurance company. Students who do not have coverage with a US-based company that is accepted in Massachusetts must enroll in an injury and sickness plan.
  • Cushing COVID Policy
    Updated details of our COVID policy and isolation protocols.
  • Flu + COVID Vaccine Clinics
    Cushing holds an annual Flu + COVID vaccine clinic on campus each fall. To keep our community safe and healthy, the influenza vaccine and primary COVID-19 series including one booster is mandatory for all students annually. 
Vaccination Requirements

Vaccination Requirements

The following schedule of immunizations are REQUIRED to attend school in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Vaccines with a ** are required by Cushing Academy.

ImmunizationsDose #1Dose #2Dose #3Dose #4Dose #5
Hep B(1)(2)(3)  
Varicella(1)(2)Decease date:  
Men ACWY(1)(2)   

Medical exemptions (statement from a physician stating that a vaccine is medically contraindicated for a student) must be renewed annually at the start of the school year and religious exemptions (statement from a student, or parent/guardian if the student is <18 years of age, stating that a vaccine is against sincerely held religious beliefs) should be renewed annually at the start of the school year.


Seeing a Doctor/Nurse Practitioner

We strongly encourage students to complete routine health care while at home.

For students who need on-campus consultation, Dr. Michael Mutchler, M.D., our medical director, sees students on campus on Tuesdays and Fridays between the hours of 10:30 am -12:00 pm. In addition, Shannon Hurley, APRN, is available to see students on campus Monday- Friday, 8:00 am - 3:30 pm.

Urgent and Emergent Medical Needs

For urgent and emergent medical needs, Health Services closely collaborates with our local hospital and urgent care centers. We have established a strong relationship with Heywood Hospital in Gardner, MA. If your student is seen at an urgent or emergent care center, we request that you grant permission for Health Services to receive a record of the visit to best provide continuity of care once your student is back on campus. In the case of a serious injury or illness, all attempts are made to have a Cushing adult accompany the student to the local hospital or urgent care.

Doctor's Appointments/Off-Campus Appointments

Health Services collaborates with several specialists in the area including podiatry, dental, orthodontic, cardiology, optometry/ophthalmology, and orthopedic providers. If it is determined that your student’s care requires a specialist referral, the provider is happy to establish and make that referral for you.

Transportation costs for off-campus appointments are billed to the student's Penguins Points. 


Prescription Medications

Cushing Academy upholds a strict dorm room medication policy. Medications and supplements (over-the-counter or prescription) are ONLY allowed in the room if pre-approved by a medical member of the Health Services Team and the student is deemed to be able to identify the medication, criteria for proper use, and when to seek medical attention. A list of medications that may be approved for the dorm room is listed here:

  • Oral contraception
  • Skin creams, including those prescribed for acne, eczema, and other skin conditions 
  • Multivitamins and supplements that DO NOT CONTAIN CREATINE 
  • Melatonin under 3mg per dose 
  • Inhalers 
  • EpiPens, AuviQ 

To follow best practices and meet state regulations, ALL prescription medication orders MUST be sent to Chair City Pharmacy PRIOR to your students' arrival and will be dispensed in a quantity of 30 pills at one time. Please see below for further information.

Chair City Pharmacy Prescription Fulfillment

Chair City Pharmacy Prescription Fulfillment

To implement the safest medication dispensing system for your students, we have partnered with Chair City Pharmacy to provide bubble-packed medications in lieu of loose or bottled pills. This is a common practice that has become increasingly popular in boarding schools and summer programs. Medications from home will not be accepted except for in the following special circumstances: 

  • Controlled substances outside of their refill period (30 days). It is expected that future scripts will be sent to Chair City Pharmacy

  • Emergency medications such as EpiPen, Auvi-Q, or inhalers
  • Specialized medication/injectables not available at retail pharmacies

Please complete the Chair City Pharmacy Form in Magnus Health to prevent any medication dispensing delays. Chair City delivers medications to the Academy 7 days a week.

Chair City Contact Information
Address: 34 Connors St. Gardner, MA 01440
Phone: (978) 410-4976
Fax:  (978) 730-8337


New Prescriptions

New prescriptions obtained at the start of the academic year or during the academic year must be sent directly to Chair City Pharmacy either electronically or by fax from your student’s prescribing provider. Chair City pharmacists and staff are available to speak directly to parents and guardians in regards to special mail orders, 90-day supply, specific insurance needs, or questions you may have.


Prescription Refills

Health Services will reach out to your student’s prescribing provider for refill requests when your student has 14 days left of medication available and notify you that a request has been made. 


Medication Dispensing

Medication Dispensing

Students will receive information at the start of the semester with daily medication dispensing times. We strongly encourage students to come to Health Services for their medications during these time frames. However, we understand each student’s situation is unique, and we encourage students and parents to reach out with any concerns: [email protected] or (978) 827-7111. 

During extended times off-campus (school break, medical leave, etc.) medication will be dispensed back to families for home use. During shorter times off-campus (weekend trips home) it is recommended families keep a small amount of medication at home. During vacations, it is the family's responsibility to refill any medication that is running low. The Health Center is closed during the Thanksgiving and Winter Break.

Provider's Order Form

Provider’s Order Form

In accordance to Massachusetts regulations, a complete Provider Order Form signed by the student’s prescribing provider must be on file in Magnus Health in order for medications to be dispensed to your student.  One Provider Order Form is required per medication prescribed. We will not accept medication orders signed by parents with prescribing privileges. 

Discontinued Medication

Discontinued Medication

If a medication is discontinued mid-year, the prescribing provider or parent/guardian must notify Health Services in writing to [email protected] immediately at the time of the medication discontinuation. All discontinued medication will need to be picked up by the student or a parent or guardian prior to leaving campus. Medications are not able to be mailed. Any medications left behind will be destroyed.


Sick Stay

Sick StayStudents who are ill must report to the Health Center.

If in the judgment of the nurse on duty they are too ill or contagious to participate in school commitments they must remain at the Health Center, or be picked up by a parent/guardian. Day students must have their parents call the Health Center if the student is to be absent or tardy from school because of illness or medical appointments. Parents may also enter in a REACH request for planned absence due to medical appointments. Due to the volume of students that are in the center, please know that we will make every effort to notify you when your child is in the health center due to illness or injury and that notification will be at the discretion of the nurse on duty. 


Health Services Questions? 

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to our Health Services team at [email protected] or (978) 827-7111.