Connections is a required year-long course for all freshmen and sophomores that addresses the essential question: How can I make the most of my Cushing experience?

Creating Meaningful Opportunities

Cushing’s Connections course is about exactly that, making connections. The main goal of this course is to create as many opportunities as possible for students to connect with each other as well as with the Cushing community. 

We understand that every student is unique with their own individual journey here at Cushing. That's why our Connections course provides tailored guidance and support for each and every student.

Fostering Communication and Inclusion

Early in the year, classes are designed to help students ease into the boarding school environment by teaching them key skills like time management, healthy sleep habits, and effective study practices. These classes also include group discussions on important topics such as identifying values, overcoming challenges, and maintaining overall wellness.

Communication is taught throughout every Connections class because it is so important for students, especially in a boarding school environment where students are constantly meeting new classmates and teachers. 

When it comes to social interactions, every person is different. Connections is designed with that in mind, constantly creating opportunities for students to learn more about each other and make new friends. This is especially crucial for our international students, for whom we make as many efforts as possible to make them feel welcome in our community. 


Meet Our Faculty

Connections was originally created by Beth Stone, Cushing’s Connections Coordinator, who realized that students needed more moments of reflection and support amidst their busy schedule. This includes asking students questions such as "How are you doing?" and "What's working well for you and what isn't?" before strategizing on how they can achieve their goals.

If you have any questions about Cushing's Connections program, please contact our Connections Coordinator, Beth Stone, at [email protected]