Academic Support

Cushing’s Academic Support program is a first-of-its-kind offering that started in 1976. Our faculty have a long and successful track record of working with students to develop self-advocacy, self-confidence, academic skills, and life skills for college and career.

The support we offer is unique. Our experienced specialists assist students with a variety of learning differences.  including but are not limited to ADHD, dyslexia, executive function, test anxiety, and health impairments. 

The Academic Support program is central to Cushing Academy’s ethos as an inclusive community.

What We Do

Four times a week, students meet with a learning specialist who develops their academic skills and encourages their lifelong journey using brain-based research. This support can be 1-to-1 (Academic Coaching) or through small groups of 4-to-1 (Academic Support).

Our program develops more robust verbal reasoning, fluency in written language, and a broader spectrum of problem-solving skills. If needed, teachers also assist students with their academic responsibilities by helping with assignments, re-emphasizing essential skills, and conferring on topics to be discussed in class.

Entry into the Academic Support program is based upon students' past academic achievement, current academic goals, diagnostic testing, and teacher, counselor, parent, or self-referrals. 

Beyond High School

Our specialists help Penguins develop transferable skills that will serve them both in college and far beyond the classroom. For the transition to college, Academic Support staff work with students on applications for standardized testing accommodations as needed and collaborate with the College Counseling Office to match students’ interests and aspirations for higher education.

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