ESL Program

Cushing’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program helps improve international students’ fluency in the English language. Students take Advanced Intermediate and Advanced ESL classes depending on their placement test results.

The ESL department also stores passports and I-20s securely, organizes the International Club and arranges the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and transportation for international students. ESL teachers assist with cultural adjustment, homesickness, and academic advising, so every student’s transition is as smooth as possible.

Cushing’s ESL program is like traveling the world without leaving Ashburnham. You learn from other cultures and countries all in one place.
Louis, Senior - Venezuela

Advanced-Intermediate Level

Students usually take Writing and Grammar, Listening and Speaking, Reading II (literature), and college-preparatory math or science courses. Occasionally a student might take a history or social science class instead of science. Students with stronger reading skills might take Literary Studies instead of Reading II.

Advanced Level

Students take mainstream classes in math, science, and history, and take two ESL classes: Literary Studies and Advanced Grammar and Composition. Advanced level ESL classes prepare you for mainstream English classes with native speakers.

ESL classes with other non-native speakers will help you build critical academic skills, which you can then apply in mainstream subject classes alongside native and non-native speakers. For example:

  • Time management
  • Research
  • Online library use
  • Test-taking strategies

ESL classes usually have no more than ten students per class so that each student gets adequate individual attention. Our summer program is also an excellent opportunity for students to improve their fluency, with eight ESL instruction levels provided.

We take great pride in benefiting students within the classroom and providing them guidance in all areas of their cultural and academic adjustment. Students are provided with an international student advisor and receive counseling for the college application process.

The ESL program has a $7,000 enrollment fee.

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